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Examining the strategies and deployments around decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors, we speak with CEOs, heads of corporate strategy, CTOs, Innovation/R&D, project directors & heads of carbon management from around the world. Hosted by Decarb Connect & produced by Janno Media.

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  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Science based targets and carbon business models: How is Holcim Germany tackling net zero?


    This podcast is taken from one of Decarb Connect Europe’s fireside chats. Join Cate Hight, Chief Operating Officer of the Mission Possible Partnership, and Thorsten Hahn, CEO of Holcim in Germany, to explore how Holcim's global science based target is being applied at the national level. Thorsten shares his thoughts on the low hanging fruit of co2 reduction as well as how they intend to create value from emissions. Cate and Thorsten also look at tracking the value in avoided CO2 as well as captured/abated emissions. Thanks to Janno Media for their podcasting expertise.Links: 
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    New developments in environmental reporting – what should corporates prepare for?


    As with all climate-related activities, attention on voluntary disclosures is gaining momentum. With the prospect of mandatory disclosures on the horizon - how are different stakeholders expectations going to change and what will this mean for industry and corporates? David Lammers, Deputy Director of Corporate Engagement at CDP Europe joins Alex to explore the changes and trends they are observing.  David is one of 50+ speakers at Decarb Connect Europe, October 5-7 2021 – join us there or at one our events or network meet ups. Links: you to Sassy and the team at Janno Media for their podcasting expertise.
  • Decarb Connect podcast

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  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Data-driven decarbonisation – The Midden project


    In this episode we explore how the MIDDEN project in the Netherlands collects data that ensures industrial groups can accelerate decarbonisation. Using data from across Dutch industry (energy usage, material flows, greenhouse gas emissions) the MIDDEN project offers publicly available insights and data that help hard to abate sectors make the right decarbonisation decisions.  Join Dick Van Dam from PBL (the Dutch environmental assessment agency) and Silvana Gamboa from TNO (an independent, applied research organisation) to learn about the Dutch industrial landscape and how MIDDEN is helping better decision making. The data and reports are publicly available – an invaluable resource whether you’re based in the Netherlands or not.  Hear more about how industrials are driving decarbonisation – follow the link below for more info on Decarb Connect’s upcoming events. We’ve also included MIDDEN’s project link:  Show links: - follow this link to find the MIDDEN data set and reports into key sector activities in - Decarb Connect’s global network hub for info on decarbonisation of hard to abate sectors -  Download the programme for our EU-focused event - October 5-7 2021 Many thanks to Sassy and the team at Janno Media for their support in producing the Decarb Connect podcast. 
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Predictors of future co2 success - the essential shifts needed to deliver net zero


    Join Ben Moens, Managing Director of Sustainability Solutions at Engie Impact, as he talks with Alex about the real predictors of decarbonisation success. How can companies graduate from pilot/single-project thinking to systems transformation? What could a shift from ROI thinking to Total Cost of Ownership reveal? What kinds of partnerships and collaborations are the most effective decarbonizers already forging? Listen in to find out about the much-needed short term steps as well as how companies can shift their behaviours to deliver decarbonisation. For info on Engie Impact’s work with industrial clients: To join Engie Impact and hundreds of others at Decarb Connect Europe: learn more about Decarb Connect’s team and who we are: Many thanks to Sassy and the team at Janno Media for all their support in producing this podcast:
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Series Highlight: How to connect the vast amounts of motivated capital to the decarbonization technologies with true commercial potential


    Andrew Smith of Greenbackers joins Alex to explore their success in matching investors to the right decarbonisation tech with true commercial potential. They talk about how to reverse engineer net zero by 2050 and how much of it requires new business models vs new tech. They also explore the role that CVCs, VCs & PE play best. Listen in to find out about the characteristics of strong start up leadership teams, what industrials need to ensure they bring to early stage projects and the role for policymakers in supporting market adoption of new tech. Links: 26ForCOP26 Cleantech investment program: - find out more about our global decarbonization network & platform
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    How to deliver Carbon Capture as a Service


    With CCUS projects emerging across Europe and around the world, the role of carbon capture in industrial decarbonisation is gaining pace. Join Alex and Aniruddha for a discussion that covers both his hopes and expectations for COP26 and the emerging CCaaS business model, as well as exploring the company’s established and more nascent projects.Links:  (click for more insights on the projects and technologies being deployed to decarbonise energy-intensive industries) Many thanks to our podcast partners, Janno Media, for all the support in the production of the Decarb Connect podcast: 
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Liquid Wind: Scaling to meet the demand of green fuels


    Claes Fredriksson, CEO of Liquid Wind, joins Alex to talk about the work they are doing to develop at-scale production of green methanol from biogenic co2. They explore the development of green fuels projects at scale and how they piece together the key partners & technologies. A great opportunity to hear about the project development of at-scale projects and the reuse of co2.  Links:  (click for more insights on the projects and technologies being deployed to decarbonise energy-intensive industries) Many thanks to our podcast partners, Janno Media, for all the support in the production of the Decarb Connect podcast: 
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Rethinking decarbonization - how to radically change mining’s energy equation


    Carl Weatherell, CEO of Canada Mining Innovation Center, joins Alex to talk about the enormous value of setting much more aspirational goals (Zero waste, Zero emissions) and applying a radical innovation approach that leverages coopetition, collaboration and co-development across the mining sector.  Plenty of big ideas here for other energy-intensive sectors to learn from, as well as specifics on mining innovation opportunities from microwave technology to core mining platforms.  We talk about prototypes of mining technologies that can cut typical process energy consumption by as much as 42%, how to achieve zero tailings and 0% emissions – plus we explore how design-led thinking leads to wholly new answers to major process issues and climate threats.  Links:
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Taking the CO2 out of home heating – how to do it equitably and quickly..


    Ravi Gurumurthy, CEO of Nesta, joins Alex Cameron to talk about decarbonising domestic heatand the urgent changes needed to achieve net zero in the UK. Nesta is the UK’s innovation agency forsocial good and in March, Nesta published it’s ambitious 10 year strategy which aims to improve the lives of millions through mission-led innovation. Ravi Gurumurthy talks with Alex about how Nesta drives innovation and his view on achieving net zero equitably and on time.  Ravi has extensive experience in this area having been one of the architects of the UK’s Climate Change Act in 2008. Whilst at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, as Director of Strategy, he was responsible for setting and meeting the UK’s Carbon Budgets and developing the government’s 2050 decarbonisation plan. Links: 
  • Decarb Connect podcast

    Converting the carbon from problem waste product to high value asset


    Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs and Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director of Cleantech Initiatives at the NYU Urban Future Lab, join Alex to talk about their joint C2V initiative, an accelerator taking the first carbon to value cohort through a program to drive scale and commercial opportunity in this cutting edge category of climate tech.  We define carbontech as any technology or business model innovation that enables the capture, utilization or sequestration of carbon dioxide and which can then convert it (sustainably) into valuable products or services. The conversation takes this as the starting point and explores how c2v tech fits as a key tool within industry’s wider decarbonisation plans and looks into the solutions that are ready right now versus those in early R&D.  Join us to find out how c2v tech might fit into your industrial strategy or investment portfolio and to learn more about the program and the cohort that has been confirmed. Show Links:  C2V Cohort Links:  Air Company (New York City, U.S.)  Carbfix (Reykjavík, Iceland)  CarbonFree (San Antonio, U.S.)  CarbonQuest (New York City, U.S.)  Cemvita Factory (Houston, U.S.)  CERT (Toronto, Canada)  Made of Air (Berlin, Germany)  Mars Materials (Oakland, U.S.) Patch (San Francisco, U.S.)  Planetary Hydrogen (Dartmouth, Canada)   

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