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The Killing in Cobb County

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In this Dateline classic, a story of obsession boils over into a brutal crime. Right away, one woman said she knew what happened. Yet, it takes years to bring the alleged killer to trial with a verdict that was far from the end of this case. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on November 29, 2013.

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    In this Dateline classic, a loft apartment building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to an eclectic group of residents. When a wealthy businessman starts working with two of them, a chain of events is set in motion that leaves one of them dead and another arrested for murder. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on February 3, 2012.
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    Deadly Exposure


    Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning is the cause for hundreds of American deaths every year, but according to police in Lima, Ohio, one of those deaths wasn’t an accident – in this Dateline classic, they say it was murder. Kate Snow reports. Originally aired on NBC on June 24, 2011.
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    In this Dateline classic, a 7-day mystery grips the city of Detroit after a young talented drummer with dreams of rock-and-roll stardom suddenly goes missing. Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on September 17, 2010.
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    When a Kansas prisoner escapes in a van driven by a wife and mother who volunteers at the prison, investigators scramble to track down the pair. Andrea Canning reports.
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    Crossing the Line


    In this Dateline classic, after a fatal car crash, investigators find a series of revealing text messages that lead them to believe it may not have been an accident. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on November 11, 2011.
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    The Pink Gun Mystery


    When a complicated Texas love triangle ends in murder, a pink gun leads to an arrest, until new evidence prompts investigators to rethink the case. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
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    The Goldfinger Mystery


    In this Dateline classic, California entrepreneurs James and Pamela Fayed live a golden life. In a few short years they turn a fledgling coin company into a gold trading empire. But when Pamela is brutally stabbed to death and it’s captured on tape, questions about her murder reveal a federal fraud investigation and a marriage filled with lies. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on January 20, 2012.
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    Deadly Triangle


    In this Dateline classic, Gary McFarland awakens on a December morning in 1985 to find his father Archie stabbed to death in the driveway. As police arrive Gary suddenly realizes he knows who did it. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on December 30, 2011.
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    Deadly Conspiracy


    In this Dateline classic, a woman leaves her ailing father for just 15 minutes and during that brief time he is stabbed to death. A buried clue indicates the murder was a conspiracy. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on July 15, 2012.
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    Secrets by the Bay


    Elizabeth Sullivan, a mother of two, suddenly vanishes in 2014. Nearly two years later, her body is found in the San Diego Bay, but medical examiners say she had only been dead for about a month or two. Keith Morrison reports.

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