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When a woman is murdered, a web of sex and lies is uncovered, revealing a prominent family’s dark secrets. Detectives and an FBI informant tell Dennis Murphy about the case for the first time.

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    Murder in Broad Daylight


    In this Dateline classic, Rusty Sneiderman was a young entrepreneur whose world comes crashing down one morning with four gunshots. A fatal triangle is revealed: Was this a crime of passion? Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on March 16, 2012.
  • Dateline NBC

    Window of Opportunity


    A Michigan community is shocked when a local mother is found stabbed to death. After the case goes cold for more than a decade, a bombshell reignites the investigation. Andrea Canning reports.
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    Shattered Bonds


    When Stephen Moore suddenly disappears in New Jersey, his whereabouts remain a mystery until a car erupts in flames in a nearby town, leading to a major break in a case. Andrea Canning reports.
  • Dateline NBC

    Mystery in Mustang


    In this Dateline classic, beloved fire chief, Keith Bryan, is a pillar of his community. Then, when he is shot in his home, police are left to wonder who would want to hurt the local hero? Turns out, someone was living a secret life, and it was about to be exposed. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC on August 2, 2013.
  • Dateline NBC

    Behind Closed Doors: The Phony Rockefeller


    In this Dateline classic, young newlyweds, John and Linda Sohus simply vanish. There was no reason to suspect foul play until an eerie discovery tied to a case that made international headlines, and was linked to the name of one of America’s most famous families. Mike Taibbi reports. Originally aired on NBC on January 27, 2012. Justice came in August 2013 for John Sohus. His wife Linda is still missing. 
  • Dateline NBC

    The Necklace


    Private investigator and former police officer Taylor Wright could handle herself, and if necessary, she knew how to disappear. But when she does vanish, detectives think there is more to the story after her girlfriend receives strange text messages from Taylor’s phone. Keith Morrison reports.
  • Dateline NBC

    Obsession: The Jodi Arias Story


    In this Dateline classic, Josh Mankiewicz takes an in-depth look into the case and trial of Jodi Arias, the 32-year-old Arizona woman who admitted to killing her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander.  Originally aired on NBC on May 10, 2013.
  • Dateline NBC

    The Phone Call


    When Kathleen Schroll makes a phone call that names her killer right before her death, it leads to the arrest of a father for murder. But two trials and 12 years later, authorities begin to wonder if he was the victim, not the villain. Natalie Morales reports.
  • Dateline NBC

    The Sting


    In this Dateline classic, newlywed Dalia Dippolito returns home from the gym to the awful news that her husband has been killed. In a case where almost nothing is as it seems, investigators want to know: Was Dalia diabolical or an unwitting pawn in a hoax gone wrong? Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on January 13, 2018
  • Dateline NBC

    Someone Was Watching


    A Dateline classic with a plot straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. A young woman peers into her neighbor's yard, and sees something for a few mysterious seconds. Was it some kind of accident, or a crime? Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on October 14, 2011.

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