Dark Corners podcast

Dark Corners

David Allen Voyles

Tales of Terror shared by your host David Allen Voyles a horror author and ghost tour guide from Asheville, NC.

44 Episodes

  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 13: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Night Flight"


    Wraiths of the Appalachian comes to a roaring conclusion as Eddie and the phantom wolfdog Snarly Yow follow their last directions from the mysterious Mr. D, which take them to South Mountain State Park in Maryland. But the adventure doesn't end there. You'll have to finish the rest of this terrifying wild ride to reach the terrifying climax of this final chapter of ghosts, cryptids, and other "ultra-terrestrials."
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 12: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Sheepsquatch"


    Like most people, our reluctant ghost hunter and adventurer had never heard of Sheepsquatch, the local cryptid embraced by the people of Fairmont, West Virginia, but in this twelfth episode of Wraiths of the Appalachian, Eddie learns plenty after he meets a band of local musicians who invite him and Snarly Yow out for a night of unforgettable splendor and terror.
  • Dark Corners podcast

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  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 11: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Masquerade"


    The two-part adventure in Flatwoods, WV, continues when a fun festival celebrating the Flatwoods Monster turns incredibly dark for Eddie and the phantom dog, Snarly Yow.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 10: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "It Came to Flatwoods"


    In this episode of Wraiths of the Appalachian, Eddie and Snarly Yow find themselves in an area of West Virginia known for alien encounters, especially one visit from a possible extra-terrestrial known locally as The Flatwoods Monster. Just as Eddie feels he might be able to unwind and enjoy himself, he makes a fascinating discovery at the local Flatwoods Monster annual festival.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 9: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Kentucky Goblins"


    The conclusion of a two-part segment of Wraiths of the Appalachian in which Eddie and the wolfdog Snarly Yow collect more questions than answers as they endure a night of terror and confusion at the hands of devilish creatures in Hopkinsville, Kentucky that seem bent on destruction and mayhem.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 8: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Spirits from the Past'


    The first part of a terrifying two-part segment in which Eddie and the phantom wolfdog Snarly Yow arrive in the small but infamous town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the site of much supernatural lore, including psychics, cryptids, and ghosts.
  • Dark Corners podcast



    In this brief, bonus broadcast, the mysterious Mr. D addresses the listeners of Wraiths of the Appalachian directly with a few philosophical thoughts about ghosts, fate, and spooky things in general.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 7: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Pushing Limits"


    This episode concludes Eddie's terrifying encounter with a demented spirit while trapped in the haunted Bell Witch Cave.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 6: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Curses"


    As they travel to their next destination, Eddie presses Mr. D for more answers about the ghostly occurrences which they seem fated to experience. Will Eddie and Snarly Yow meet the infamous Bell Witch as they visit the spooky cave near the farm where she lived in Tennessee? Part One of a terrifying two-part segment.
  • Dark Corners podcast

    Ep. 5: Wraiths of the Appalachian, "Phantoms from the Outer Region"


    Even scientists have never been able to fully explain the phenomenon of the ghostly Brown Mountain Lights, but Eddie and the mysterious wolfdog Snarly Yow have their own story to add to the ghost lore of this haunted site in the mountains of Western NC.

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