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A Salute to our Veterans and a Middle Finger to the Establishment

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On this week's episode Dale and Kurt discuss ramifications of last week's elections, Biden at the Vatican, traditional conservative values, and more before giving a tribute to our military for the birthday of the Marines and Veteran's Day.

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  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    MLK vs Jim Crow 2.0


    In this episode, Dale and Kurt reflect on the legacy of MLK and Joe Biden's push to equate the modern democrat agenda with the civil rights movement. Also, marriage and kids, fatherhood, and more!
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    Taking on Big Meat


    In this episode, Dale and Kurt discuss the January 6th clown show, Joe Biden takes on Big Meat and voting "rights", we solve all of the worlds problems, and discuss our favorite adult beverages.
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

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  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    New Year, Same Problems


    In this first episode of 2022 we discuss the state of covid and the biden administration, laugh at Kamala Harris, and challenge the GOP to grow a pair.
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    BONUS EPISODE: DCA Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


    Thanks for joining us in this first year of the podcast, we are looking forward to a new year full of growth and opportunity for the podcast and for America. Merry Christmas!
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    The Great Covid Cream Cheese Shortage of 2021


    On this episode Sen. Manchin tanks Build Back Better, Texas builds a border wall, the White House fearmongers about the mild new variant, and a prominent company encourages people to stop making cheesecake.
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    Does the Truth Matter?


    In this episode Dale and Kurt discuss the news of the week including Jussie Smollet and crocodile tears from Hillary before diving into the question of whether the truth even matters anymore.
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    The Abortion Episode


    After an issue with the episode publishing, we have reuploaded it. Dale and Kurt talk about the news of the week and the current supreme court case involving abortion.
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    Omicron: The New Sci-Fi Flick from Jeffrey Epstein


    On this episode, Dale and Kurt discuss the news of the day before doing a deep dive on Omicron, the state of our justice system as viewed through several recent cases, and more!
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    Thanksgiving in America


    This Thanksgiving week we discuss energy, spending, and the Waukesha parade car attack. Kurt takes a bathroom break. Dale and Kurt have a disagreement about Kyle Rittenhouse. A covid update with the pause of the OSHA mandate, what we're thankful for, and more!
  • Dale Carter's America podcast

    The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse


    In this episode, Dale and Kurt discuss the news of the week before exploring their agreements and disagreements over the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Also, an energy/infrastructure update, weaponizing racism, and IKEA.

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