Cyber Psychos: A Cyberpunk Red Podcast podcast

Cyber Psychos: A Cyberpunk Red Podcast

Jon Feist

Live play of the table top role playing game ( TTRPG) Cyberpunk Red from R.Talsorian Games. 5 Players are sent into Night City on various tasks but it's always their choice which way they go. With the improv style game play, hilarity ensues. This "radio theater" is ripe with sound effects and original music. Join Banthar, Sly, Heretic, Scythe, and Brock Stockton as they get into all the trouble with a new episode every other week. GM, Music, and editing by Jon Feist Instagram: @cyberpunkredgm Players: Nat Mundy - Scythe - Dylon Dylon Dylon Butros Butros Butros III Chris Garrison - Banthar - Ashe Manuel Pablo Romaine Gonzales Smith Keith Lowerre - Sly Cooper Brandon Kurkowski - Heretic - Red Carson Seth Farrel - Brock Stockton Intro produced by DJ Flip Instagram: @djflipmusic

25 Episodes