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A podcast about seeking adventure and sparking joy outside as a family. Support this podcast:

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  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    The 5 Stages of Being a Cozy Camper


    What does it mean to be a cozy camper? And how do you know when you've reached that point where you can really be the most comfortable outside? This episode breaks down the five stages of easing into cozy camping. Which stage are you in? Tag us on Instagram to share. --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Tips for RVing With Dogs


    Ready to hit the road with your dogs? Here are some of the best (and not often talked about) tips for RVing safely with dogs.  --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

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  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    What's on your Fall Camping Experience List?


    What do you want to do this Fall camping season? If you're ready to keep your camping experiences going well beyond the so-called "end" of camping season, this episode is for you. Get 5 fun and easy bucket list ideas to make your Fall camping vibes a little more exciting.  --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    On Getting Outdoors in All Weather with Outdoorsy Families


    Join me as I learn how Audrey Withecombe from Outdoorsy Families gets outdoors with her family year round. In this episode, you'll hear about her adventures in boat camping, how she turned an RV into a ski lodge, and how she keeps her kids happy no matter where they're exploring outside.  Follow Outdoorsy Families on Instagram: Visit her website: --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    How to Be More Comfortable While Camping


    Probably the number one thing I hear about camping is how uncomfortable it is. Some people embrace the discomfort as having a sense of adventure. Others look past it because being outdoors is just so beautiful. Still, there are others again who prefer to go glamping and have the best of both worlds. This episode is for the latter who appreciate Scandinavian style and cozy vibes while also experiencing the great outdoors.  --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Camping With Toddlers: How to Keep The Peace


    Ready to take a dive into the unspoken parts of motherhood, especially during those toddler years? Listen in as hosts of the Not Your Mother's Podcast, Sonnet Simmons Matthews and Veronica Morales Frieling, dig into just a few of the ways they help tame the chaos in the early years while on the road and at the campground.  Follow Not Your Mother's Podcast on Instagram: Get the Course, Raising Children You Like: --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Being Bear Aware While Exploring With Kids


    Chuck has been working on bear avoidance and wildlife stewardship issues since 1976 when he retired from car racing.  He put a special effort into monitoring the research and development of bear spray at the University of Montana in the mid 1980s and efforts to market the first bear spray.  This included working with biologists and naturalists to determine the effectiveness of the new product called bear spray and its ability to protect people and bears.  Since then we have continued to research bear encounters and maulings to determine the causes involved with each. Learn more about bear safety here: 1) 2) 3)  Bear spray demonstration video: --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Celebrating Birthdays at a Campsite


    Are you camping with your kids on their birthday? This episode is for you. Listen to find out five fun ways to make the birthday child feel a little extra special while camping on their special day. To find the special gift ideas mentioned in this episode, visit or click the links below. Cruisin' + Campfires Crafting Box Kid's Lantern Kid's Hiking Journal Kid's Camping Journal Camping-Themed Book --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Living the RV Tailgate Life


    Kimberly is a die-hard Georgia Tech fan who has tailgated every single football game for decades. Even in a tough year, like what we just experienced, she was there for the tailgate whenever she could be — and she never lost a tailgate. Learn more about how she brings her RV to football, NASCAR, baseball, concerts, music festivals, and more. It's a whole new adventurous way to exploring the outdoors.  Find more about Kimberly: Website: Twitter: @RVTailgateLife Instagram: RVTailgateLife Pinterest: RVTailgateLife Facebook: RVTailgateLife --- Support this podcast:
  • Cruisin' + Campfires podcast

    Finding Adventure in Texas


    David and Tania started the YouTube channel, Texas Family Camping to promote families getting outside, together.  They understand all the struggles involved from how to book a campsite to what to pack, to how to start a fire.  Their YouTube channel covers a wide variety of camping subjects from showing some of the best campsites to how to prepare a truck to pull an RV.  They have 2 daughters and a German shepherd that they take camping and they enjoy documenting the fun had along the way. They even have been camping in their RV at some rest areas to document how that works, and show the best ones to stop at for the night. Check out their YouTube Channel here for all their tips:  --- Support this podcast:

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