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Perps Accused in Rape, Death of LSU Coed WALK FREE ON BOND

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LSU student Madison Brooks is killed after being hit by a car. Brooks was standing in the road at the time, but why? 

Police say Brooks left a Tigerland bar with four men. Two of the men, then allegedly rape the very inebriated 19-year-old. When Brooks cannot give the men her address, she is dropped off around 3 a.m. in a random neighborhood. That is when Brooks is hit by the car. That driver showed no signs or evidence of being impaired.

The four men who left with Brooks have been arrested. They claim the sex was consensual, but hospital staff says Brooks' blood alcohol level was nearly 4 times the legal limit.  

Kaivon Washington, 18, and an unidentified 17-year-old minor are charged with third-degree rape. Everette Lee, 28, and Casen Carver, 18, were charged with principal to third-degree rape, which means they were there when the incident occurred but did not take part in it.  

Joining Nancy Grace today:

  • Renee Rockwell - Criminal Defense Attorney; Facebook: "Renee.Rockwell" (Atlanta)
  • Dr. Mindy B. Mechanic- Professor of Psychology (Emeritus) at California State University Fullerton, Forensic Psychologist Focusing on Trauma/victimization, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
  • Sheryl McCollum - Forensic Expert, Founder:  Atlanta's Cold Case Investigative Research Institute; Twitter:@ColdCaseTips; Host: "Zone 7"
  • Dr. Monte Miller - Director, Forensic DNA Experts LLC; Specialist in Sexual Assaults and Murder; Former Forensic Scientist for Texas Dept. of Public Safety State Crime Lab
  • Dr. Michelle DuPre - Former Forensic Pathologist, Medical Examiner and Detective: Lexington County Sheriff's Department; Author: "Homicide Investigation Field Guide" & "Investigating Child Abuse Field Guide;" Forensic Consultant
  •  Jen Smith -  Chief Reporter at; Twitter: @Jen_e_Smith

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