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Justice for Gannon Stauch as Evil Step Mommy Gets Life

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Letecia Stauch, step mother to Gannon Stauch has been convicted in his murder. Stauch had reported the 11-year-old boy as missing. Stauch was stabbed, beat, shot, and killed inside the family’s Fountain home. Letetcia Stauch then tried to cover up her crimes, by blaming numerous imaginary people and driving to Florida to dispose of the boy's body. Gannon Stauch was stuffed inside a suitcase, which was then tossed over a bridge in Pace, Florida.  

Prosecutors said that Letecia Stauch was upset that she was left taking care of her stepchildren. Internet searched shows her distain while Gannon’s father was away at work with the US National Guard.  

Letecia Stauch will now serve out a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

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