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Bryan Kohberger, Murder Suspect, Talks Down to Lady Cop

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A new video has emerged of Bryan Kohberger interacting with police, and this time, in a traffic stop a month before the murders take place.

In the body cam footage, you can hear Kohberger trying to talk his way out of a ticket, telling the female officer that "there's no crosswalks where he's from." 

Also newly released in information is that police found a padlock for a storage unit at Kohberger's apartment. Police believe Kohberger cleaned out that unit and his apartment before a search warrant was executed.

Documents state that police found 60 reddish-brown stains. Two of those stains were found on a pillow and a mattress. They tested positive for blood.

Other than the stains, police found little else in the apartment. Even the trash cans were empty. 

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

  • Mark Tate- Trial Lawyer-The Tate Law Group- TateLawGroup  
  • Dr. Jeff Kieliszewski  - Forensic Psychologist, Author: “Dark Sides" 
  • Sheryl McCollum - Cold Case Investigative Research Institute Founder, Host of new podcast: "Zone 7;" Twitter: @ColdCaseTips  
  • Toby Wolson- Forensic Consultant specializing in Serology, DNA, and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
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