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BOLO: Double Killer 'CRAB WALKS' Out of Jail, on the Run

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The search continues for Danelo Cavalante.

The convicted killer escaped from Chester County Prison by scaling a wall and ducking under barbed wire. Since his escape, there have been at least 10 sightings, twice in Phoenixville over the weekend and on two doorbell cameras. He has tried to contact two previous co-workers.

Cavalante is considered extremely dangerous.

Joining Nancy Grace Today:

  • Matthew Mangino – Attorney, Former District Attorney (Lawrence County); Author: “The Executioner’s Toll: The Crimes, Arrests, Trials, Appeals, Last Meals, Final Words and Executions of 46 Persons in the United States”
  • Dr. Jorey Krawczyn – Police Psychologist, Adjunct Faculty with Saint Leo University; Research Consultant with Blue Wall Institute, Author: Operation S.O.S. – Practical Recommendations to Help “Stop Officer Suicide”
  • Irv Brandt – Senior Inspector, US Marshals Service International Investigations Branch; Chief Inspector, DOJ Office of International Affairs; Author: “Solo Shot: Curse of the Blue Stone” (available on Amazon) and “Flying Solo: Top of the World;” Twitter: @JackSoloAuthor
  • Douglas MacGregor - Geographic Profiler (specializes in serial and violent crime, missing persons, and locating clandestine burial sites); Twitter: @TheGeoProfiler 
  • Dr. Priya Banerjee - Board Certified Forensic Pathologist, Anchor Forensic Pathology Consulting; Twitter: @Autopsy_MD 
  • Alexis Tereszcuk - Investigative Reporter, Writer/Fact Checker at Lead; Twitter: @swimmie2009

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