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Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan: A Shot in the Dark- Investigating Lincoln's Assassination and the Chilling Conspiracy

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In this episode of Body Bags, hosts Joseph Scott Morgan and Dave Mack delve into the assassination and autopsy of President Abraham Lincoln.  They analyze the character and motivations of John Wilkes Booth, the layout of Ford's Theater, and the negligent behavior of John Parker, assigned to protect the president. They provide a fascinating explanation of the Philadelphia Deringer's firing mechanism, including its unique preloading process and firing sequence as well as going into Booth's meticulous planning, highlighting his knowledge of the play's comedic timing, Lincoln's potential focus on the orchestra pit, and the painstaking preparation involved in using the Deringer. Throughout this captivating episode, listeners uncover the chilling details and lasting impact of one of the most infamous moments in American history.

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