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Celeste Yvonne: It's Not about the Wine: The Loaded Truth behind Mommy Wine Culture- Episode 149

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There is a movement happening, Moms who are sober curious because they are realizing that drinking is NOT the answer to their stress and anxiety. The mental load of Motherhood is overwhelming and instead of making fun of it…. We need to address it. Celeste Yvonne, writer, advocate and founding host of the Sober Mom Squad, knows first hand the danger of Mommy Wine culture. She is asking us today to look deeper into drinking, Motherhood, and the “convincing moments” you may be ignoring. The new paradigm of drinking is no longer about the black and white of alcoholic or sober. We are exploring, curious and open to hearing about happy Moms who are living the “dry life”. Join the Warrior Women Mastermind! Schedule a call with Liz! Take Liz's Limitless Warrior 12 week program and change your life! Connect with Celeste: Here’s the link for Sober Mom Squad: Pre Order the book: Instagram: Celeste is a writer whose work on parenting, the mental load of motherhood, mommy wine culture, and sobriety resonates with mothers around the world and has been featured in the Washington Post, Good Morning America, the Today show, and Refinery 29, among others. Celeste is more than five years sober and a founding host of the Sober Mom Squad. She is an advocate for mothers who struggle with addiction and a recipient of the Windfelt Inspire Award by the Dry Society Social Club Her new book: It's Not about the Wine: The Loaded Truth behind Mommy Wine Culture is already climbing the charts and is sure to be a best seller. Celeste lives in Reno, Nevada, with her husband and two boys.

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