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Barbara Alexander- It's Not A Mid-Life Crisis it's a Spiritual Awakening! -Episode 148

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Today we are deep diving into astrology! Astrology is getting quite the reinvention these days, people are using it as a blueprint and guiding force in their lives, and business. You natal chart and where the planets are now gives you a fascinating view into what could be considered a mid life crisis. Barbara Alexander, astrologer and intuitive coach, will tell you it’s NOT a mid life crisis… it’s a spiritual awakening! Do you want to illuminate your blindspots? Become more self aware? Learning how the cosmos is activating certain areas of your life… may be the key. Join the Warrior Women Mastermind! Schedule a call with Liz! Take Liz's Limitless Warrior 12 week program and change your life! Connect with Barbara! FB INSTA Barbara is an intuitive and spiritual coach, mentor and astrologer who believes that personal growth is an evolutionary journey to becoming the highest version of ourself in order to reach limitless personal and professional success. She sees how astrology can help us tune into our soul’s purpose, tap into the gifts we were born with and become in alignment with who we truly are at our core. Astrology also helps us better understand why we go through challenges during certain phases in our lives, to better navigate our way through them, which is part of our growth journey. While helping her clients understand their astrological soul blueprint, she mentors and coaches them to courageously embody the fullest, most authentic expression of themselves. In doing so, they become aligned to their true purpose in order to achieve wholistic success on their own terms. Coaching and mentoring come natural to Barbara with her sun sign in Cancer; Her passion for life-long learning and sharing it with others is a characteristic of her moon placement in Sagittarius; Leading others through their transformational journeys is reflected in her Scorpio rising. Prior to starting her own coaching practice, Barbara had a 25-year corporate career in sales and marketing for brands such as IBM, Compaq and Young and Rubicam Advertising.

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