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College Prep Confidential

Don Sevcik

Empowering college bound students and their parents with the elite tools they need to get accepted to their dream university. Discover test taking blueprints from Ivy League professionals, financial aid secrets to get more money for school, and mindset tips for a better college future.

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  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    Interview Dominance with Rishav Khanal


    This week, our guest is Rishav Khanal, who is a bestselling author and founder of Compound Career, where he helps college students and recent graduates develop the career readiness skills to break into competitive job market. In this episode, we discuss:   Networking secrets from somebody who’s landed jobs at Under Armour and LinkedIn Revealed: The 3 tier structure Rishav uses to guarantee a job interview and offer Discover how Rishav’s secret sauce process helped a Jimmy John’s employee land a dream job with Robert Hrjavec from Shark Tank And, as a special deal for our audience for recent college grads, here's the link:
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #37 - Become a Connection Magnet


    Your network is your net worth. And in this episode, we'll reveal the secrets behind a top 1% networker on LinkedIn with tips like: The unknown area of LinkedIn where you can explode your network One of the best places to get LinkedIn connections outside of LinkedIn 3 types of authenticity which make people want to network with you Why people really connect with you on LinkedIn
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

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  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #36 - Is College Worth It?


    We're talking about the 4 word question every student should ask themselves before ever stepping foot in a college. To find the answer to the question, we've got tips like: Other lucrative options besides going to college The 2 Column Test every student should do before going to college Why you should measure this "cost" before ever going to college
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #35 - 3 Magic Interview Questions To Make Them Beg You To Take The Job


    No matter where you work or what you do in life, you will interview. In this episode, I'm revealing interviewing secrets from 25 years in the corporate world like: 3 questions to ask the interviewer to give you an unfair advantage for job interviews How to become an interview detective where the interviewer tells you HOW to get the job The 2 types of interview personalities, and how to talk to them to instantly bond  
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #34 - When Will I Ever Use Math in the Real World?


    Get the real answer to the most asked question for any student or parent who's ever taken math. Discover things like: The one thing math class gives you which will change your life Which jobs which pay over 150,000, if you have the right math skills Why anxiety and pressure from math class give you an unfair advantage in the real world
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #33 - Think Like Elon Musk with These Models


    What if you could install part of Elon Musk's brain into your brain? How would that change your life? In this episode, we're covering thinking tips like: Why modeling will explode test scores and get you job interviews What bear attacks teach you about succeeding in life To achieve your goals, ignore the goal and focus on this instead. What is congruence and why your social media profile may be hurting your college and job prospects What a chain link reveals about failing college prep exams
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #32 - Transform a Crappy College Essay into a Masterpiece with This One Skill


    Are you a bad writer? An average writer? Here's how to transform yourself into a keyboard killer using one skill.  The one book you can read in 2 days which will transform your writing into greased lighting Use this free tool to tighten up your college essay The one skill needed to upgrade a boring college essay into something college advisors can't put down The one thing you want your writing to trigger inside the college advisor's body    
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #31 - Attack Anxiety Using Temporal Tricks


    Anxiety is a national nuisance. Can your interpretation of time affect anxiety? Yes, and you'll discover nuggets like: 6 steps to evaporate anxiety Use this time trick to reduce anxiety The two saddest words in the English language How the Power of One can help you conquer your task list and reduce anxiety
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #30 - Transform Your Life With This Equation


    Can one equation really transform your life? Yes, and you'll discover how with insights like: Why effort means nothing...and what to focus on instead Most of what you do all day is useless. Here's why. Ditch linear thinking. Embrace this type of thinking instead How to do college prep on easy mode Why y = cx^b is one of the most important equations in your life. Learn it and unlock the secret to success with less effort
  • College Prep Confidential podcast

    CPC Episode #29 - Varsity Blues Scandal and the Most Important Skill To Learn In College


    Are you disgusted yet? The Varsity Blues scandal has people questioning if college selection is rigged. The scandal teaches us a valuable lesson for those of us who follow the rules like: Why college reputations are in the toilet right now and how to capitalize on it What skill you should master from the Varsity Blues scandal 3 steps to building your social circle and reach One book you must read to build your empire

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