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Week 4 Picks: Brady vs the Pats

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(2:45) TNF: Jaguars at Bengals

(4:40) Washington at Falcons

(7:25) Texans at Bills

(10:00) Lions at Bears

(13:15) Panthers at Cowboys

(15:40) Colts at Dolphins

(17:15) Browns at Vikings

(20:10) Giants at Saints

(22:20) Titans at Jets

(25:45) Chiefs at Eagles

(27:45) Cardinals at Rams

(30:10) Seahawks at 49ers

(33:00) Ravens at Broncos

(35:20) Steelers at Packers

(38:55) SNF: Buccaneers at Patriots

(45:25) MNF: Raiders at Chargers

(48:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

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    Week 6 Picks: Kyler vs Baker & Threading the Needle


    (3:10) TNF: Buccaneers at Eagles(6:10) Dolphins at Jaguars (hello London again!)(10:50) Chargers at Ravens(14:00) Vikings at Panthers(16:25) Packers at Bears(18:40) Bengals at Lions(21:05) Texans at Colts(23:10) Rams at Giants(25:55) Chiefs at Washington(28:15) Cardinals at Browns(34:30) Raiders at Broncos(36:45) Cowboys at Patriots(41:45) SNF: Seahawks at Steelers(45:30) MNF: Bills at Titans(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick
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    WTF Happened: Chiefs woes, OBJ, & Trey Lance


    (4:30) Chiefs disastrous D: What's wrong with it, and is it fixable?(23:45) Chiefs offense: Why did they abandon the run?(33:30)  Browns confused coverage: How did Justin Herbert keep torching them?(44:00)  Odell Beckham Jr: "I'm ready to give up on it...It's like he's not on Baker's radar."(59:45)  Davante Adams: How do the Packers keep abusing defenses with him?(1:12:30)  Trey Lance: "There's some wow, and there's some whoa."(1:22:10)  Najee Harris: "He's Le'Veon Bell 2.0"
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

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  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    Week 5 Recap: Allen and Herbert making MVP case


    (3:45) Bills def. Chiefs: "Patrick Mahomes is not 100%" and are the Bills the best team in the NFL?(16:20) Chargers def. Browns: Justin Herbert, MVP candidate. And Cleveland makes the wrong kind of history.(23:35) Cardinals def. 49ers: Is Arizona the best team in the NFC? And are things going south for Kyle Shanahan?(32:55) Packers def. Bengals: Ja'Marr Chase gets a victory lap. And is 200 yds enough to change Chris' mind on Davante Adams?(40:40) Steelers def. Broncos: "Chase Claypool is one of the most impressive physical specimens I've ever seen in my life"(45:30) Vikings def. Lions: "Dan Campbell is so tough he doesn't give a sh*t about crying."(50:40) Falcons def. Jets: Yes, Kyle Pitts is a generational talent. And Zach Wilson had his worst game as a pro.(56:00) Cowboys def. Giants: Trevon Diggs did it again. And where does Dallas stack up in the NFC?(1:02:55) Saints def. Washington: Marshon Lattimore won his duel, and the New Orleans offense is going in the right direction.(1:08:50) Eagles def. Panthers: "Carolina pissed this one away"(1:12:20) Bears def. Raiders: "Return of the Mack"(1:15:45) Buccaneers def. Dolphins: "Tampa can't be stopped when you play man-to-man"(1:19:15) Patriots def. Texans: Breaking down the helmet punt(1:24:45) Titans def. Jaguars: The Jags D wanted nothing to do with Derrick Henry.
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    Week 5 Picks: My Boy Blue vs Mahomie


    (3:30) TNF: Rams at Seahawks(5:55) Jets vs Falcons (hello London!)(8:40) Eagles at Panthers(10:35) Packers at Bengals(13:20) Patriots at Texans(16:30) Titans at Jaguars(20:00) Lions at Vikings(21:40) Broncos at Steelers(24:25) Dolphins at Buccaneers(26:20) Saints at Washington(28:50) Browns at Chargers(33:30) Bears at Raiders(36:10) 49ers at Cardinals(39:50) Giants at Cowboys(44:00) SNF: Bills at Chiefs(47:20) MNF: Colts at Ravens(50:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Cowboys balance & Justin Fields bounces back


    (2:50) Cowboys offense: How Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas O-line ripped off a big run.(16:45) Seahawks offense: Is it any different under Shane Waldron?(20:15) Trey Lance: How did Deebo Samuel get so wide open?(32:30) Patrick Mahomes: After missing a Tyreek Hill TD last week, he cashed in this time.(45:45) Lamar Jackson:  A Broncos safety underestimated his arm, and paid for it.(54:30) Justin Fields: As Matt Nagy says he's sticking with the rookie, Chris has a plan for how they can build around him.(1:04:50) Zach Wilson: He showed some "big kahunas" (cohones?) on his bomb to Corey Davis(1:17:00) Daniel Jones: How he and Saquon Barkley took advantage of Marshon Lattimore's coverage lapse(1:28:50) BREAKING NEWS: Stephon Gilmore traded to the Panthers
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    Week 4 Recap: Brady's return & Cards make a statement


    (2:25) Buccaneers def. Patriots: Chris was impressed by Tom Brady, despite the underwhelming stats.(13:25) Cardinals def. Rams: Does Arizona have the best offense in the NFL?(21:30) Seahawks def. 49ers: Seattle just keeps surviving, and can Trey Lance save the 49ers offense?(29:00) Cowboys def. Panthers: Dallas kicks off an offensive-line edition of Damn! Okay(35:20) Ravens def. Broncos: Was it BS for Baltimore to run a final play to extend their rushing record?(40:30) Packers def. Steelers: Big Ben deserves the blame for Pittsburgh's offensive woes(46:30) Chiefs def. Eagles: The Kansas City offense is great, but their defense "sucks"(51:55) Bears def. Lions: "How can you go back to Andy Dalton?"(56:25) Giants def. Saints: The rest of the Giants finally matched Daniel Jones' lead.(1:03:15) Jets def. Titans: Zach Wilson gets his first win...with the new Williams Wall?(1:08:30) Browns def. Vikings: Odell Beckham is open; why can't Baker Mayfield hit him?(1:12:30) Bills def. Texans: Is Buffalo the best team in the NFL?(1:15:30) Washington def. Falcons: Taylor Heinicke is a gamer, but did we overrate the Washington D-line?(1:18:45) Colts def. Dolphins: Indy isn't dead yet, but the Dolphins offense might be
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    Week 4 Picks: Brady vs the Pats


    (2:45) TNF: Jaguars at Bengals(4:40) Washington at Falcons(7:25) Texans at Bills(10:00) Lions at Bears(13:15) Panthers at Cowboys(15:40) Colts at Dolphins(17:15) Browns at Vikings(20:10) Giants at Saints(22:20) Titans at Jets(25:45) Chiefs at Eagles(27:45) Cardinals at Rams(30:10) Seahawks at 49ers(33:00) Ravens at Broncos(35:20) Steelers at Packers(38:55) SNF: Buccaneers at Patriots(45:25) MNF: Raiders at Chargers(48:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Stafford to DJax & Mahomes misses


    We self-scouted ourselves and took a different approach this week to make the podcast more audio-friendly. Chris goes deep on quarters coverage, and Ahmed breaks down a flea flicker.(3:30) Packers-49ers: How the same play came up big for Green Bay on both offense & defense. And what does Jimmy Garoppolo do for the 49ers that Trey Lance doesn't?(23:55) Aaron Rodgers: Chris breaks down his beautiful TD and "that" throw to Davante Adams.(37:00) Matthew Stafford: How did DeSean Jackson get behind the Bucs?(46:40) Tom Brady: How the Rams disguised their pass rush to get to him.(55:35) Mac Jones: His arm isn't why the Patriots aren't making big plays.(58:30) Patrick Mahomes: Why did he miss a potential big play in a loss the Chiefs dominated?(1:11:10) Trevor Lawrence: Ahmed takes control of the cowboy to show how JJ Watt helped turn a flea flicker TD into a pick-six.
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    Week 3 Recap: Rodgers magic & "The best team in the AFC"


    Chris is on a heater with his best bets and he's not hiding it. Then he and Paul hit every game from a wild Week 3 Sunday.(4:40) Packers def. 49ers: "This makes me think differently about Green Bay moving forward"(14:50) Rams def. Buccaneers: Now everybody is seeing what Simms has always said about Matthew Stafford(21:25) Chargers def. Chiefs: Justin Herbert is special, while Patrick Mahomes was "too cool for school"(28:35) Bills def. Washington: "Buffalo is the best team in the AFC"(32:40) Browns def. Bears: Damn! Okay...Myles Garrett! And Matt Nagy has to do better for Justin Fields(39:30) Saints def. Patriots: "I was surprised how New Orleans dominated up front"(43:30) Broncos def. Jets: Teams are onto Zach Wilson's blocking schemes.(47:45) Cardinals def. Jaguars: Despite Trevor Lawrence's mistakes, Chris is "not worried about him one bit"(53:00) Titans def. Colts: Harold Landry stands out for an improving Tennessee defense(55:25) Ravens def. Lions: Justin Tucker is the GOAT, but the Lions got screwed(1:00:30) Raiders def. Dolphins: Viva Las Vegas! Is Derek Carr a Top 10 QB?(1:05:00) Bengals def. Steelers: Big Ben looks cooked(1:08:40) Vikings def. Seahawks: Seattle is feast or famine(1:14:10) Falcons def. Giants: "Sorry, Eli." And has Chris lost confidence in Joe Judge?
  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast

    Week 3 Picks: Bucs-Rams heavyweight fight + Rodgers back to Cali


    Mike is reeling after Chris' 3-0 Best Bets performance last week.(2:45) TNF: Panthers at Texans(4:10) Washington at Bills(6:50) Bears at Browns(9:30) Ravens at Lions(13:00) Cardinals at Jaguars(15:00) Chargers at Chiefs(17:30) Saints at Patriots(20:55) Falcons at Giants(23:25) Bengals at Steelers(25:55) Colts at Titans(29:15) Jets at Broncos(32:15) Dolphins at Raiders(35:15) Buccaneers at Rams(40:10) Seahawks at Vikings(43:40) SNF: Packers at 49ers(50:15) MNF: Eagles at Cowboys(51:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

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