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0:00 - Dan & Amy Review last night’s Chicago mayoral election - round 1


12:04 - Let’s Go Brandon: most radical thing we can do is love all Chicagoans


31:30 - Dan & Amy react to the FBI’s, Chris Wray, interview with Bret Baier


49:49 - Why Dan Proft is Single: Whatever


01:08:57 - Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School also founder of LegalInsurection.com and president of the Legal Insurrection Foundation, William Jacobson, shares his new  Equal Protection Project  - EqualProtect.org - Launched To Fight Equity Discrimination


01:24:09 - Noted economist and Chicagoland native, Stephen Moore, explains why it’s the end of Chicago as we know it if Brandon Johnson wins the runoff. For more from Steve @StephenMoore


01:38:57 - 15th Ward Alderman, Ray Lopez, believes it was Lightfoot’s failure to tell the hard truths that cost her the election “because Chicagoans can smell BS a mile away.” For more on Ray’s work for the 15th Ward @RLopez15thWard

01:56:45 - President of Freedom’s Journal Institute, Eric Wallace, previews the Fifth Annual Black Conservative Summit and weighs on the last night’s election. For more on the Black Conservative Summit visit freedomsjournalinstitute.org

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