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Sharing Stories from Engineers all around the world! We talk about Student life, Professional life, Industry & Companies, Products & Technologies as well as Trends, but more importantly we share our stories! Get to know what are doing fellow ChemE colleagues all around the world! Chemical & Process Engineering

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  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    024 - Season Break 2021


    I'm taking a break! I will be preparing more content for the coming future! Stay tuned! Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    023 - Alec Slungaard a Technical Support Specialist at Honeywell


    This is an amazing episode! I really think Alec's Background is great for those looking for hardcore design & operation of industrial processes. He's been everywhere, Food Industry, Oil & Gas, Fine Chemicals and other! He is currently working as a Technical Support Sales Engineer, which is in charge of solving all technical issues given in Honeywell Gas Absorption Area. We  talked about moving to California, work-life balance and getting back to the Chicago Area. I hope you enjoy as I did! Show Notes and Links: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

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  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    022 - Rutvi Sanghavi Student with Professional background working with Unit Operations and EPC


    Rutvi shares her story on being a student in the pandemic, how she has been adapting and more importantly, how she avoided procrastination and got her internships in Unit Operation Control for Pharma Industry then in Jacobs Engineering Group. She is currently hunting for a job. Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    021 - Jared Iland a Chemical Engineer Going for Electrochemistry Master Degree


    Are you into Research? Or are you just curious of what is going to happen with our car and it's internal combustion engine? Well, you are in the right place! Jared shares his story on how he wants to help the environment via his studies in Electrochemistry... Did you know that most of the future cars are going to be Battery Energized? No more fossil fuels! There is a big role to improve electrochemical batteries (i.e. lithium ion or sodium ion batteries) and this is what Jared is covering in his Degree! We also chatted a little bit on bachelor life (UC Irvine) and why he ended up going for a Master Degree in the first place. Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    020 - Gaby Van Horn and the Importance of English Speaking Skills in the Workplace


    In this episode, we talk about ENGLISH language... Yeah, It sounds kinda boring, but it is NOT, especially if you are not a native English speaker. We shared tips to improve the english skills of fellow students and young professionals in the workplace as well as landing scholarships & research degrees with the help of English itself. Gaby van Horn is a English Coach which helps her clients boos their communication skills. I hope you enjoy the tips and recommendations! Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    019 - Mohamed Sorour a Chemical Engineer from the EAEAT Academy Affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production in Egypt


    In this episode, I talked with Mohamed Sorour, a student from the EAEAT, the Egyptian Academy For Engineering And Advanced Technology which is affiliated to  the Ministry of Military Production of Egypt. We chatted about Geopolitics, the importance of the Oil & Gas Industry in Egypt and the Middle East, the discovery of the Zohr Field and its relevance in the new Natural Gas trend as well as how is life as an engineer in such arab states. We also discussed two processes, the Amine Gas Treating, which is used to "sweeten" or remove impurities of H2S in natural gas as well as the TEG Dehydration used also in Natural Gas Treating. I really enjoyed this one, since it is now a student in a not so conventional private university but a university affiliated to the Military Ministry as well as covering some theoretical concepts and HYSYS Simulations. Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    018 - Gianni Esposito a Chemical Engineer Goes Full Time Chef With His Italian Restaurant


    This one is GOLD, an unique. I sat down with Gianni Esposito, a Chemical Engineer which has not only dropped Chemical Engineering for good... But has started his own way on the family restaurant in Mazatlan. He talks to us how he felt frustrated and with lack of passion in all those jobs until he got to the cuisine! Cooking for the Restaurant is what made his heart tick! As a fellow entrepreneur or ChemE which does NOT takes the "normal" path, I felt identified with this profile. Its great to share his story, for all those wondering if what they are doing is worth it... Or if they should go and pursue their passion... Check out Gianni's Story! Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    017 - Gerardo Moreno a Key Account Manager for PepsiCo Products at Walmart


    Gerardo Moreno has one of the best performance as a Chemicals Engineer in the Retail Industry. This chat is pure gold! We talked more than an hour and a half! It was intense! We talked about lots of things such as moving from city to city, enrolling in trainees, becoming manager, networking in PepsiCo to improve your standing in the company and tips for climbing the corporate ladder. Delivery is King, but Networking is Queen! As Gerardo Moreno stated it. He is currently a Key Account Manager for PepsiCo in Walmart... Essentially he is the "go to" guy of PepsiCo whenever products are required in Walmart. ALL revolves around the Key Account Manager: logistics, storage, sales, placement, marketing, promotion, even shelf positioning! We also talked about working for a sugar water company and the ethical/moral issues of working in such companies! The reply form Gerardo is just: GREAT! I hope you enjoy as I did! Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    016 - Ammar Mamajiwala Oil & Gas Engineer Going Into Membrane Technologies & Finance


    I got the opportunity to talk with Ammar Mamajiwala, a Chemical Engineer which started his career in the Oil & Gas Industry, mostly in Production and Process Engineering. He was born in India, but moved many times in his life, to Middle East and then to Canada. He started in Oil&Gas because... yeah, he wanted a successful career in a promising industry! Ammar worked there for 3-4 years and he explains us how he transitioned from Oil & Gas Industries in Canada to Membrane Separation Technologies in California, USA. This jump is crazy and he explains us in detail about it. Finally, Ammar explains us about his dream of becoming a Certified Financial Analyst and how he expects to shift his career to Business & Finance. Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:
  • Chemical Engineering Guy(s) podcast

    015 - Daniel Bermudez a Business Consultant Manager for the Energy Sector


    This time I'm with Daniel Bermudez, a great friend of mine from University. We suffered lots of courses such as Heat Transfer and Momentum Transport. He is one of th ebrightest minds I have ever met! We had a chat about his life, essentially his background and profile. He has been working in Business Consulting, mostly in the Energy Sector i.e. Oil&Gas, Green Energies, etc... He shares also tips to climb this rough corporate ladder. Finally, we talked about the energy and environmental crisis that our world is facing. I hope you enjoy! I did a lot! Show Notes: --- Send in a voice message:

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