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House of the Dragon Season 1: Review & Evaluation (Episode 4)

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We pick back up where we left off last week and shift focus into Episode 4 in the House of the Dragon series today. Amends are attempted, freedom comes with a price, and desires refuse to be ignored.


Stick around as things heat up. Daemon makes his return from the Stepstones, Rhaenyra sneaks out of the Red Keep, Ser Criston Cole is on the receiving end of a surprising development, spies make reports to important people of power, the King is burdened with knowledge he refuses to accept, and more than one person is sent away from Kings Landing as a result.


With Chase & Josh recapping the episode, debating important topics, discussing the key takeaways, highlighting the important moments, and grading what they saw on screen, you'll want to stick around for this.


"You are the dragon. Your word is truth and law."

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