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Chardonnay and DNA

A podcast where we drink wine and talk about Ancestry DNA results gone wrong, crimes and cold cases solved by DNA evidence, and everything in between. Part true crime, part family mayhem and anything else our weird little hearts desire. Join hosts Becky Barnes and Rachael Nalevanko on a journey through some of the wackiest, scariest, and most unbelievable DNA stories you’ve ever heard. Find us on **Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!** Instagram: @chardonnayanddna Facebook: Twitter: @ChardonnayDNA

92 Episodes

  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    91: So Much Chuck Talk


    This week, Becky gives us a little true crime/DNA *smorgasbord*, as our Swedish friends say. First, she provides some sinister updates about the investigation surrounding the death of Tamla Horsford . Then, she tells us some wild DNA kit stories from Tim Tok.  Don’t forget to sign the petition demanding that the FBI take over the Tamla Horsford case! Sources Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad Episode Season 2 Ep 18 from 7/13/2020
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    90: Ping Pong Balls and Helicopters


    In this episode, your hosts reveal what kind of embarrassing fan fiction they would write. Rachael shares two separate stories; the recently solved cold case of Liana Gay Adank and Eric Shawn Goldstrand, and the 1978 Derry Helicopter Crash. 
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

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  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    89: Tamla Horsford


    On this episode of Chardonnay and DNA, we start out on a bleak note with the news that the US government might be out of money by October 18! But at least there are funny memes about it. Becky tells us about the infuriating mystery of Tamla Horsford's untimely death.
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    88: Let me tell you… something


    Fasten your seatbelts, slut puppies. This episode ain’t gonna be no cake walk! This week Rachael brings us the horrific story of Steven and Katie Pladl, and you’re in for a wild (and disgusting) ride.  Sources:
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    87: The Cosmic Plot Twist


    This week, Becky starts us off with a belch and a question. Then, she tells us about the heinous, unsolved murder of Robert Wone. Friendly reminder, please support the Innocence Project’s fight for Pervis Payne’s exoneration at  Sources
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    86: They are full of milk


    On this weeks episode, the ladies begin with a surprise educational session about milk and dairy farms with their dear angel baby friend, Stephanie. Becky brings us the story of a woman whose life is turned upside down when she meets a new friend in school, and sets off a chain of events that completely changes everything she knows.  Sources:
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    85: The Martinsville Seven


    On this weeks episode, Rachael breaks the rules and covers a case that doesn’t have DNA in it. This weeks episode covers the recently posthumously pardoned Martinsville Seven. 
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    84: The Corn Made Me Do It


    On this week’s very *NSFW* episode of Chardonnay and DNA, Rachael and Becky talk about everything from Shrek to Only Fans to Rachael’s love of corn. Becky tells us about a cold case recently solved using the smallest sample of DNA to date. Sources
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    82: Live from the Podcloset


    On this weeks episode, your hosts are overwhelmed and emotionally drained. After discussing what their dirty coloring book pages would be, Rachael tells us a short story about a families quest to find their lost sister, and the sweet yet sad discovery that finally brings them together. 
  • Chardonnay & DNA podcast

    83: YINZ


    On this episode of Chardonnay and DNA, your humble hosts talk about which type of  *spicy* business they’d like unlimited access to in their own homes. Becky tells the story behind why Google Doodle looked a little different on August 1. Don’t forget to keep supporting/sharing the Innocence Project and their work with exonerating Pervis Payne. Sources

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