Cartridge Reloading - What's the deal? podcast

Cartridge Reloading - What's the deal?

Huard B Harral

This is a series of podcasts to discuss the cartridge reloading. Topics to be covered will include metallic cartridge, shotshell, wildcat cartridges, and any other reloading topics. Questions can be directed to Remember - Reloading can be dangerous and the information presented, while based on load data and instructional materials, should be checked for yourself. Never stop learning.

2 Episodes

  • Cartridge Reloading - What's the deal? podcast

    Benefits of Reloading


    In this episode we discussed the benefits of reloading specifically focusing on economics customization and the ability to load for obsolete firearms. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Cartridge Reloading - What's the deal? podcast

    Reloading Ammunition - An Introduction to the Podcast World


    Over the course of these episodes the listeners will be exposed to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to reload both metallic cartridge and shotshell ammunition.  While this is not a class and there are no certifications offered the information presented will help establish the correct practices and procedures to be safe in this endeavor.  Furthermore, the episodes will document the development of the 9x10HH and other wildcat type cartridges. About Huard Harral:  Huard Harral has 8 years of experience in secondary public school instruction, 10 years of experience as a training professional in the corporate community, 4 years of training experience in the law enforcement community, and 16 years of training experience in the Military as a Sergeant in the United States Army in both Infantry and Psychological Operations. In the Law Enforcement community he has been a Patrol Officer, SWAT Officer, a Basic Academy Program Coordinator, Fire Marshall and Baliff. He is an innovative and highly energetic professional with a strong background in business development, management consulting, strategic planning, marketing development, curriculum design, development and delivery via Instructor-led, program facilitation, and assessment.  Huard has a Masters Degree in Military Studies - Joint Operation Design and is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design. --- Send in a voice message:
  • Cartridge Reloading - What's the deal? podcast

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