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From Verona to NYC - If You Can Make It Here... featuring Andrea Denver

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As vibrant and multicultural as my community is around the globe, what I love about NYC is it's the same here. From childhood, I was drawn to people from other countries and their reason and experiences being in the states. NYC is not the easiest place to make it! Whether you're from Chattanooga or Verona. But the US and NYC has a love affair with Italians. From the Italian immigrant stories on Ellis Island, to Italian expat now that have heavily influenced American food, fashion, pop culture, Italians coming to the US are OG proponents of the American dream! Few better exemplify this than today's guest, Andrea Denver. A bonified tv star on both sides of the Atlantic, a successful business man and just a great guy, it seems Andrea has "made it." And he's definitely charmed all of us along the way. We’re talking airlines, his love of the US, the surprising US city that Andrea has a strong affinity for. We also talk behind the scenes of building a brand between the US and Italy. Tips for maintaining a relationship when you live between two places or travel a lot -- you know, typical chit chat between two expays!

And you’re going to want to open your notes app for Andrea’s tips for beautiful places to visit in Italy.

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And Andrea @andreadenver Also, catch him on Bravo's Winter House and Summer House! Andrea is the co-founder and CMO of Son of Wind and a partner at Acosta Tequila. BOOKED AND BUSY!

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