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From the Caribbean to New York to California - Where Do You Belong in the World? A Discussion of Black Cake the novel by Charmaine Wilkerson

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"There’s no going back in your identity, once you’ve moved, and once you have children, your identity does shift." Charmaine Wilkerson, author of Black Cake, one of Obama's favorite books of 2022 and coming soon to your screen adapted by Harpo productions!

In 2021, Random House reached out to me about the upcoming novel, Black Cake. Upon reading it, I immediate connected to this story set between the Caribbean, UK and California, writing by a West Indian American author, who lived in Rome. I had to chat with her. In February of 2022, Charmaine Wilkerson and I did an IG Live. This interview stayed in my memory bank and is certainly one of the building blocks of Building Home. We go into the idea of finding home and building home during my time in the UK, finding that slice of the Caribbean and looking for it in Italy. Charmaine chats with us about similarities and finding home in different cultures between Italy and the Caribbean in the way people gather, the matriarchy and so much more. Brilliant and insightful, Charmaine leaves us thinking "Where do we belong in the world?"

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

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