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On season 2 of the Bruce Lee Podcast, join Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee as she engages in conversation with special guests from all walks of life about their approach to living life fluidly and the wisdom they have gained along the way. In concert with themes from her new book Be Water, My Friend, Shannon continues to share Bruce Lee’s philosophy as she and her guests dive deep into the challenges and joys of being human. See how guests have aligned with and been inspired by Bruce Lee and his philosophies and how they've motivated themselves to step into their own potential and keep on flowing! Season 1 features Shannon Lee in conversation with culture analyst Sharon Ann Lee and a handful of guests about the life and philosophy of Bruce Lee. Each episode digs deep into Bruce’s philosophy and life to provide guidance and action on how to cultivate our truest selves. “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.”

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  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    New Season of The Bruce Lee Podcast is Here: Family


    Shannon announces a new season of the Bruce Lee Podcast on Family. The new season launches Oct. 28th, 2021. Listen and watch this episode and others at
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    Special July 20, 2021 Bruce Lee Podcast: “A True Warrior"


    Shannon shares her thoughts in this solo podcast episode on what it is to be a warrior at the deepest level and discusses the concepts of wu-wei, simplicity, and wholeness. Find this episode's shownotes and other podcast episodes at  
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

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  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #306 Special AAPI Edition of the Bruce Lee Podcast Season 3 Wrap Up


    This is a Special AAPI Edition of the Bruce Lee Podcast Season 3 Wrap Up from Shannon Lee. Listen to all our APPI Edition Podcast episodes at
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #305 Flowing with Michelle Manu


    You may not have heard of Shannon’s guest for this episode unless you follow badass female martial artists or the ancient Hawaiian martial art of Lua but this woman is a fierce warrior through and through. Michelle Manu is the only woman to be given the designation of Knight’s Commander by the Royal Order of Kemehameha 1 for protecting and promoting Hawaiian culture through the Lua, the indigenous warrior art of Hawaii. Michelle dedicates herself to helping women by teaching self defense and passing on her knowledge. She also happens to be a lawyer, holds credentials from Harvard Business School, is a grandmother to twin boys, and is an expert in Polynesian dance. Right before Shannon and Michelle sat down to talk, Shannon looked out her window and saw a massive hawk sitting in her backyard. What a symbol to bless their conversation! And Shannon wants to encourage everyone who is listening to head on over to the Youtube video of their conversation where you can see Michelle show us some Lua hawk technique in honor of their pre-conversation visitor. But for now, please sit back and enjoy this deep and wonderful conversation Shannon had with Michelle Manu. Show notes & episodes on
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #304 Flowing with Jason Tobin


    For this episode of the Bruce Lee Podcast Shannon’s guest is actor Jason Tobin. You may know Jason from his roles as Virgil in indie classic Better Luck Tomorrow or Earl in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift or, (Shannon’s personal favorite) Young Jun from HBOMax’s Warrior! Jason makes his return to the Fast and Furious franchise with director Justin Lin in Fast9, premiering June 25th and, of course, Shannon and Jason celebrate their triumphant return for a third season of Warrior in this episode. But more importantly, they talk about Jason’s circuitous path through Hollywood and the obstacles he’s faced as well as what it is to show up as a warrior in his own life and what practices he taps into to do that. Shannon asked Jason about his Chinese name AFTER we had finished with his episode so let us inject that here. Jason’s Chinese name is Dou Jun Wai (to hear him pronounce it, listen to the episode!) and it means (according to his mom) “Success Around the Globe” with “Jun” meaning good looking and “Wai” meaning longitude and latitude hence “around the globe”. Jason is definitely living up to his name! Jason is a fun, electric, talented actor who Shannon loves working with, and who she is so pleased to be able to call her friend. So we invite you to sit back and get to know Jason Tobin on this episode of the Bruce Lee Podcast! Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #303 Flowing with Diana Lee Inosanto


    Shannon’s guest this week on the Bruce Lee Podcast has known Shannon her whole life! Diana Lee Inosanto is a lifelong family friend and Bruce Lee’s goddaughter. She is a martial artist, actress, director, writer, author, and producer. You may have seen her recently as Morgan Elsbeth in Disney’s The Mandalorian. For Diana, becoming part of the iconic Star Wars franchise seems like a dream, but it is very much the real-life culmination of 30 years of dedication and hard work as an actress, filmmaker, martial artist, former stuntwoman and now children’s book author of the book The Curious Mind of Sebastian. Diana also wrote, directed and starred in the film The Sensei. She continues to teach martial arts around the word with her husband Ron as well as fight for inclusion and social justice wherever she goes. She is a warrior woman who has certainly carved a unique and personal path in the world. Diana credits her success to having the good fortune of being raised in a charmed circle of renowned martial artists, actors and stunt-people who paved the way for so much of the excitement in today’s action filled media. Let’s listen to Diana share her warrior spirit with us as well as some great tips for staying safe on the streets for our AAPI communities and all vulnerable groups. Please welcome to the podcast, part of Shannon’s extended family, Diana Lee Inosanto! Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #302 Flowing with Jeff Chang


    Shannon’s guest this week on the Bruce Lee Podcast has too many accolades, titles and projects to name them all, but we’ll start by describing him as author, historian, music critic, activist, journalist, academic, record label director, and social justice warrior, Jeff Chang! Jeff is the author of a number of award winning books on the subjects of hip hop and race in America, which include Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation, We Gon’ Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation, Who We Be: The Colorization of America, and Total Chaos: The Art and Aesthetics of Hip Hop. Jeff has won the American Book Award and the Asian American Literary Award as well as being named to the Frederick Douglass 200 list of 200 living individuals who best embody the work and spirit of Douglass and he has been a finalist for the NAACP Image Award. He was the Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts + Committee on Black Performing Arts at Stanford University and now is the vice president of Narrative, Arts, and Culture at Race Forward. We told you the list was long. Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii, Jeff proudly claims the titles of writer and social justice warrior as you’ll hear. He is also working on a book about Bruce Lee right now and he is launching a series of 14 videos on Black and Asian Solidarity starting May 19th (Malcom X and Yuri Kochiyama’s birthday) with The Asian American Foundation so please check those out and help spread the message of solidarity and love! Jeff is a gentleman and a scholar and a genuine soul that Shannon can’t believe she gets to call her friend. Listen in as they talk about his dad, Shannon’s dad, what it means to be a warrior and Jeff’s Hawaiian name on this episode of the Bruce Lee podcast with Jeff Chang! Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on
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    #301 Flowing with Justin Lin


    The first guest of the season is someone who is an amazingly talented and hard working individual who Shannon is so grateful to call colleague, mentor and friend. You may know him as the mega director of such films as the Fast and the Furious, Star Trek Beyond, and Better Luck Tomorrow. Or perhaps you have encountered his work as a creative on a little show called Warrior on HBOMax. Whatever the case we are sure that Justin Lin has touched your lives in some way through the amazing work he continues to put out. What Shannon loves about Justin is he is committed to learning and forging his own path AND, more importantly, he is truly a good soul. See or listen for yourself as Shannon talks life, Warrior, and the warrior spirit with Justin Lin! Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    New Season Teaser


    We’re kicking off a new season of the Bruce Lee Podcast with a special 2021 AAPI month edition! We have amazing guests all month and a new theme we will be exploring for this season. Check out this teaser for more info! Can’t wait to share these conversations with you! xShannon Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on
  • Bruce Lee Podcast podcast

    #216 Flowing with the Simple Truth


    Today’s episode of the Bruce Lee Podcast is a solo Shannon episode. She thought as we head into Lunar New Year she might just take a moment to dive into the philosophy as we head into the year of the metal Ox. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Find this episode's show notes and other episodes on

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