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One brother is an Engineer, and the other is a Scientist. Both are hilarious and discuss the latest news, rumors, and developments going on in the Computer Hardware and PC Gaming Space. Broken Silicon is Brought to you by the Youtube Channel: Moore's Law Is Dead, and its creator Tom. Youtube Channel: Patreon That Makes this Possible: Music by SAHARA, who were awesome enough to give written permission to use their music. Please visit their excellent Alternative Rock Music at

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  • Broken Silicon podcast

    129. Ray Tracing in Indie Games, FPS Design, Unreal Engine 5, Unity | Solo Developer


    A Solo Indie Developer joins to discuss RTX, Intel Alder Lake, Unity, UE5, and much more! SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at: SPON: brokensilicon = -30% Windows, dieshrink = -3% games: 0:00 Who is Zach? When did he start "making games"? 9:33 Why choose Video Games as a creative pursuit over movies? 11:55 Should games be used as teaching tools more often? 16:39 How does college help you become a better developer? 19:25 Who should be a solo developer? Who should join a bigger team? 25:01 Unity vs Unreal Engine 5 31:57 Why does UE4 have stuttering? Why does Dunia have so much screen tearing? 44:25 Mistakes to Avoid in Game Development 50:50 Shooting Mechanics in Video Games - What's fun? What's Tedious? What's Arcady? 1:06:55 Balancing Weapons in MP Shooters 1:16:40 Advice for giving effective feedback to developers 1:25:22 Funding Indie Projects 1:36:07 Advice for getting your kid into game development 1:41:54 Gracemont and big.LITTLE for enhancing future games 1:50:20 Is Ray Tracing a bigger deal for indie Games more-so than AAA games? Follow Zach: Zach’s Games:
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    128. Nvidia 3080 Ti 16GB, Sapphire Rapids Xeon W, AMD RX 6500 XT vs Intel 128 EU 6GB


    Tom & Dan discuss GTC 2021, Nvidia Image Scaling vs AMD FSR, GA103S, Entry Xe, SPR, and more! SPON: brokensilicon=-20% E-WIN Chairs (USD:, CAD: SPON: brokensilicon=-30% Win10, dieshrink=-3% games: 0:00 Intro Banter - Happy Thanksgiving! 3:25 Alder Lake Final Thoughts - Is Intel truly "back"? What's with LGA 1800? 16:38 Comet Lake Motherboard Support, Broken Silicon Credits (Corrections) 19:43 Nvidia GTC 2021 - AMD has an opening with the MI250X...and better marketing? 29:26 Nvidia NIS goes open source, and DLSS 2.3 is now official…is FSR in trouble? 37:50 RTX 3080 Ti 16GB on Laptop - GA103, GA103S, and A4500 Rumored! 44:52 Alchemist 128 EU 6GB vs AMD RX 6500 XT 57:25 Intel Fishhawk Falls Sapphire Rapids Mainstream Workstation Leaks! 1:09:02 Hardware Unboxed Benchmarks Apple M1 Pro - Does it live up to the hype? 1:14:41 Steam Deck Delayed to 2022, Raptor Lake Efficiency, PS5 Shortages (Wrap Up) 1:25:15 AMD on SAMSUNG 3nm, ADL 32 EU Benchmarked, Intel Meteor Lake Pictured 1:34:30 Nvidia Buying ARM, AMD Monet for Budget CPUs (Final Reader Mails) 1:40:00 Battlefield 2042 Thoughts - Who would like it? Is it good? 1:53:00 Why does EA close so many studios? Are they really so bad? Tom & Dan fixed their BF2042 Issue:
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  • Broken Silicon podcast

    127. RDNA 3 Pricing, 500w Nvidia Lovelace, FSR v DLSS, Alder Lake | Hardware Unboxed


    Steve from Hardware Unboxed joins to discuss Intel, AMD Zen 3D, RDNA 3 pricing, & 500w Nvidia! SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at: SPON: brokensilicon=-30% Win10, dieshrink=-3% games: 0:00 How important is Alder Lake for the market? 6:25 Is AMD still in a better competitive position than Intel? ( Zen 3 Threadripper Cancelled) 11:33 R7 5800X vs i5-12600K – which is the better buy? 17:40 Will Alder Lake age better than Zen 3 as drivers mature? Or worse? 21:55 Why are there so many Alder Lake haters? When does future-proofing make sense? 32:04 Should people wait for Zen 3D? Is DDR5 & Windows 11 a problem for Alder Lake? 47:43 Is Z690 overpriced...or is X570 overpriced? Is Z690 almost an HEDT platform? 56:12 Is Steve worried about how complicated CPUs will be to test? 1:00:34 Biggest Tech Release of 2021 1:15:29 DLSS vs FSR in 2022 - Who will win? Will Nvidia make their own FSR? 1:24:29 RDNA 3 & RDNA 4 Pricing – will insane performance be worth higher prices? 1:40:35 Nvidia Lovelace Power Consumption - How much is too much? 1:55:30 Nvidia Mindshare in 2022 - Can RDNA 3 "win" even if it's better? 2:01:00 What is the max people will pay for a High End GPU? For a midrange GPU? Check out Hardware Unboxed: MLID RDNA 3 & RDNA 4 leak with expected performance chart:
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    126. Intel Alder Lake Reviews, AMD CDNA 2 & Milan-X, Zen 5 Leaks, Intel ARC Pics


    Intel Alder Lake is out! AMD Bergamo & Genoa are Revealed! Intel ARC Pics are leaked! Tom & Dan discuss the latest hardware gaming news - and man is there a lot already this November! SPON: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at: SPON: brokensilicon=-30% Win10, dieshrink=-3% games: 0:00 GTC Disclaimer, Apple Colors, Kilo-core Processors (Intro Banter) 6:46 Apple A15 4nm, Pro Max 5nm (Corrections & Omissions) 8:45 Intel Alder Lake Discussion Start – Windows 10, Efficiency, DDR4 vs DDR5 Performance 25:40 Raptor Lake with DDR4, Alder Lake vs Zen 3 Pricing, Describing Core Counts 32:50 Who should wait for Zen 3D? Who should wait for Zen 4? 38:13 AMD Data Center Keynote Discussion Start: Bergamo, Zen 4c, Vcache 44:35 Milan-X crushes Sapphire Rapids, MI250X is big trouble for Nvidia 49:58 Is Zen 3D Threadripper Cancelled? Why did AMD Cancel Desktop Zen 3+? 54:41 Zen 5 & Zen 4c Details Leaked – Insane IPC, Insane Implications of “Dense” Architectures 1:05:10 Mining on OSX & Neural Engines, Apple Entering the Server Market 1:11:10 Zen 5 Turin EPYC Leaked - 600w Processors are coming... 1:20:41 Intel ARC Pictures Leaked, Performance + Release Date Update 1:29:17 Nvidia Ampere actually uses Next-Gen PCIe Gen 5 1:32:51 Apple M1 Max Reviews, Nvidia ARM Blocked, Intel buys VIA, GA103S, Lovelace Q3 (Wrap Up) 1:44:12 Nvidia using Intel Fabs as a backup, Horizon 5 Graphics on Last Gen (Final RM),5.html
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    125. A War Over TSMC: Is it likely? Severity of Shortages? | Jason Fields, Angry Planet


    Jason Fields joins Tom to discuss a potential conflict over Taiwan, and what shortages would look like. [SPONS: brokensilicon = -30% Win10, dieshrink = -3% games:] [SPONS: brokensilicon = -20% E-WIN Chairs (USD:, (CAD:] 0:00 Intro Warning – an important, but atypical episode. 3:10 Who is Jason Fields? What is the Angry Planet Podcast? 6:00 Is Jason, a war reporter, aware of how bad gaming shortages are now? 10:50 Taiwan's ascent to incredible global importance 18:00 Can the US afford to lose Taiwan? Can China afford to lose afford the blowback? 26:02 How would a potential takeover of Taiwan likely happen? 32:00 What are China’s motivations for taking Taiwan? 38:49 Would controlling Taiwan be an easy weapon to wield? 41:42 Do corporations have any power to prevent a war? 48:52 What should we hope happens with Taiwan? Is America in decline? 1:04:25 If Taiwan was "Knocked Out" - what would the shortages look like? 1:15:00 Should the West Diversify silicon production more? Or focus many on relations? Jason’s Podcast, Angry Planet:
  • Broken Silicon podcast

    124. Final Alder Lake Leaks, Zen 3 Threadripper Cancelled, AMD Navi 24, Apple M1 Max


    We are almost to Alder Lake's launch - Tom & Dan give their final thoughts on Intel's upcoming bombshell release. They also discuss the Threadripper cancellation, and Q1 GPU releases! [SPONSOR: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at:] [SPONSOR: dieshrink = 3% off games, brokensilicon = 25% off Win10:] 0:00 Favorite Scary Movies, Favorite Games of 2021 (Intro Banter) 8:07 American Chocolate, 30-SUPER vs RTX 4000, Steam Deck (Corrections & Omissions) 19:40 Intel Alder Lake Pricing & Performance Leaks - 1 Week before Launch! 31:37 Zen 3 Threadripper Cancelled...AMD's Roadmap is changing... 42:48 AMD confirms AI Accelerators & PCIE 5.0 in Zen 5 52:15 Zen 3+ Rembrandt vs R7 6800X Zen 3D 56:29 AMD Navi 24 Leak - Performance, Specs, and Launch Date 1:10:33 RTX 3090 Ti Leak 1:16:15 RTX 4090 vs RX 7950 XT Pricing & Power Consumption 1:25:29 Nvidia Reducing Ampere Supply in Q4 while AMD increases RDNA 2 Shipments! 1:38:09 Apple M1 Max Thoughts - Impressive, but not Alien Technology 1:49:57 Kepler Support Ends, Intel ARC Pricing, MI250X & RDNA 3 (Wrap-Up) 1:57:20 AMD W6800, xCloud, Bloodborne 2 (Final Reader Mail) RDNA 4 Leak Looking at Future Pricing:
  • Broken Silicon podcast

    123. XBOX Series X Advantages, PS6 Expectations, AMD Sponsored Titles | Ubisoft Dev


    Keith Kadera, Senior Animator & Games Consultant at Red Storm, joins to discuss gaming hardware & AAA development. Why are games delayed? What advantages do consoles have? Where are graphics going? [SPONSOR: dieshrink = 3% off games, brokensilicon = 25% off Win10:] 0:00 Who is Keith? What do animators and riggers do at AAA studios 5:11 What got you into this career? What games left an impact on you? 12:57 Early Professional Work - Savage Skies, the Ozzy Osbourne Flight Simulator 17:38 Ubisoft Games He Worked on - Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6, The Division 24:02 Biggest advantage the XBOX 360 over the XBOX? What made the PS3 difficult? 28:19 What has been the biggest hardware upgrade from PS3 - PS5? 34:17 Are AAA games still taking increasingly longer to make in 2021? 39:50 Does the PS5 or XSX have any "secret sauce"? 44:48 How long will Cross-Gen games be a thing? Are they holding Next Gen back? 55:07 How does AMD Sponsoring a game affect performance? 1:01:28 What do you expect in the PlayStation 6? 1:06:36 What's next for gaming realism? Can we do better than photorealism? 1:18:45 Biggest challenges in taking feedback? Was the BF2042 beta an "old build"? 1:28:23 Why are almost all AAA games delayed? Why can't devs plan accordingly? 1:38:28 Scaling UI with Resolution, 21:9 vs 16:9 Standards, Cross-Team Work 1:52:22 Is the era of exciting teaser trailers done? 1:57:17 What do people get wrong about Game Development? 2:02:33 How will we use AI/ML to enhance graphics? Advice for becoming a game dev? What Keith learned to build games on:
  • Broken Silicon podcast

    122. Nvidia Ampere 2022 Refresh, Intel ARC Pics & Perf, Silicon Lottery Interview


    Tom & Dan discuss the latest Nvidia Ampere, AMD RDNA 2, and Intel Alchemist news. Tom also offers an Exclusive interview of the founder of Silicon Lottery – a CPU binning business that just closed. [SPONSOR: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at:] [SPONSOR: dieshrink = 3% off games, brokensilicon = 25% off Win10:] 0:00 This Episode is Different 3:33 Wii COD4, Reesie's Name, Foldable Phones 13:06 RX6600 Performance, Pricing, and Availability 22:26 Nvidia's 2022 Ampere Refresh - 3090 Ti? 3060 SUPER? 3070 Ti 16GB?! 32:52 Steam Deck Benchmarked 37:28 AMD CPU Lineup in 2022 44:50 Intel ARC Cooler, Launch Date, and Performance Leak 52:54 Silicon Lottery Closes 57:06 Who is Preston? 1:02:14 When did Preston think of starting Silicon Lottery 1:08:14 How did he source and bin CPUs? 1:17:01 Dealing with Customer Service for Binned Parts 1:19:32 When was Silicon Lottery Most Popular? 1.24:03 Was Intel intentionally Underclocking chips due to lack of competition AMD? 1:28:36 When did business start to decline? 1:37:37 Is overclocking becoming obsolete? 1:50:09 How would they have binned Alder Lake & Little Cores? 1:52:56 What's next for Preston and Silicon Lottery?
  • Broken Silicon podcast

    121. Apple wanted Intel Meteor Lake, Games Utilizing Neural Engines | AI Researcher


    An AI researcher joins to discuss ways AI & Neural Engines can improve everyday products and games. [SPONSOR: Get 10% off Tasty Vite Ramen with Code “brokensilicon” at:] [SPONSOR: dieshrink = 3% off games, brokensilicon = 25% off Win10:] 0:00 What is the field of Field Research? How makes an "AI Chatbox" Successful? 9:12 Why Neural Engines & on-device AI processing is important for upcoming apps. 13:00 Can Neural Engines be used for video games? What else can they be used for? 19:24 Did Apple drop Intel because Neural Engines took to long? Is Meteor Lake late? 22:59 Will AI ever reliably understand our voice commands & handwriting? 39:42 Can we expect True Artificial General Intelligence anytime soon? 46:27 What is the difference between "AI" and an "Algorithm"? 56:01 Are there too many AI companies? Is there an "AI tech bubble"? 1:01:36 How do AI researchers acquire & clean data? Are these "black boxes" dangerous? 1:08:30 The difference between "Neural Engines" & "Neuromorphic Chips" 1:11:50 Will we get video game AI as smart as real players? 1:18:58 Advice for people looking to get into AI research Ryan is “hurlass” on Instagram Facebook Shut down AI that started speaking to other AI in its own language: MLID Meteor Lake Neural Engine Video:,breakthroughs%20and%20achieving%20superhuman%20intelligence.
  • Broken Silicon podcast

    120. Intel Arc A700, AMD RDNA 4 Price/Performance, Nvidia 3070 SUPER, PS5 Zen 2.5


    Intel isn't just about to launch Desktop Graphics Cards, they are also bringing a Neural Engine to Meteor Lake - and we gotta talk about it! We also discus RDNA 4 Performance, RDNA 4 pricing, RTX 3070 SUPER, Nvidia DLAA, and PS5's "custom" Zen 2 CPU. [SPONSOR for cheap Windows & Gaming Keys:] 25% software discount code: brokensilicon 3% EVERYTHING discount code: dieshrink Windows 10 Key: 0:00 Lab Dan (Intro Banter) 2:40 Texas Instruments Products, Tesla vs Ford Founders (Corrections & Omissions) 7:40 Meteor Lake’s Neural Engine – Why it could be revolutionary for desktop users! 19:15 Apple's ecosystem advantage, the iPhone 13 is kinda "4nm", Tim Cook Impression 27:35 Arc Desktop Lineup Leak - Performance, Segmentation, Launch Volume, Naming 45:55 RDNA 4 & RDNA 3 Performance Target and Pricing Leak 59:10 What do we think about prices doubling while performance quadruples? 1:15:17 Nvidia DLAA Tested - Another good option for Nvidia users 1:19:02 Nvidia 3080 Super & 3070 Super Whispers - why it makes sense for Q1. 1:27:42 Illegal RADEON Instinct Accelerators Smuggled into China (not mining cards) 1:32:27 PlayStation 5 does not have "Zen 2.5", but it optimized for gaming. 1:41:12 Nvidia Leaks PS5 Exclusives coming to PC, Zen 3D EPYC Lineup (Wrap Up) 1:50:42 Zen 3D -> Zen 4 Perf, Preventing Cheaters at Kernel Level (Final Reader Mail) Recent Daniel Nenni Broken Silicon:

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