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Blair Badenhop

If you’ve ever wondered what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry, grab your headphones and start listening. Brand Yourself is a show that gives you a behind the scenes look at what female business owners in the health, mindfulness, and personal growth space have done to build thriving businesses and stand out brands. Hosted by brand strategist, Blair Badenhop, you’ll hear guests reveal the up and down journeys to finding success and how they leveraged who they really are to carve out their spot in the industry. Tune in to discover how “being yourself” is the secret to captivating your audience, effective marketing and branding, and more.

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    172: Shifting Your Mindset to Make Millions with Gina Devee


    Gina went from being a broke psychologist to building  a multi-million dollar women’s empowerment and lifestyle brand, Divine Living. She has dedicated her career to helping women connect spiritually, start profitable businesses, create wealth from a feminine perspective, and become highly visible so they can make a global impact. Some of those women include Jen Sincero, who (fun fact!) dedicated her book on money to Gina. Gina believes that there is a Queen in every woman: “Within every woman lives a Queen,” Gina affirms, “And only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose.” So, as you’ll hear in the episode, Gina is such a badass. Her journey to creating the platform she has today took a whole lotta hard work, guts, and faith. Get ready for some incredibly juicy stories. In this episode, we chat about the early stages of her professional life working in the White House and then with Marianne Williamson in her 20’s, her decision to become a psychotherapist and what it looked like to drop that career and move to LA and become a life coach, why shining a light on her money story and replacing it with a more empowering one was the key to her selling $20,000 and then $100,000 programs, how her spiritual practice and trust in the Universe is the foundation of her work and life, and how integrating them has been key to her becoming a multi-millionaire, why she says being herself and not following the rules that so many people subscribe to as entrepreneurs was key to paving her own path and reaching such a high level of success, and so much more!   To learn more about Gina Devee and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    171: How to Find Your Brand's Core Message


    Ever felt a bit stumped about what your brand’s core message is? Sit down to write and have no idea how to come up with a great tagline? Trying to integrate multiple things into one cohesive brand? This episode will help! One Brand Yourself listener shares her struggle to nail her core message as an author with an online shop, and the intention to launch a new service-based revenue stream in the fall. And I offer some key clarifying exercises to help her – and you – land on what’s at the heart of your business and brand so that you can develop a message that captivates your target audience. I also remind you that this is one of the final episodes of the 2021 season of Brand Yourself. I’ll be spending the next few months rethinking the show and be back in January with fresh interviews and solo episodes for you! In the meantime, be sure to catch up on the 150+ episodes that are already published. They are full of inspiring conversations and tactical business advice to support your journey.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
  • Brand Yourself podcast

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  • Brand Yourself podcast

    170: 6 Keys to Juggling Motherhood, Business, and Life


    Ever wondered how to integrate motherhood and entrepreneurship and a full life? Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on the 6 things that have empowered me to juggle it all without burning out. To run my own business, build another one with co-founders, be present for my 2-year-old, have a solid relationship with my husband, and still have time to take care of me too. This idea to open up this was inspired by a conversation I had with a colleague recently who is an entrepreneur and in her first trimester of pregnancy. She asked… “Have ever given people a real behind the scenes peek into how you do all of those things?” And I realized, I haven’t. I’ve shared bits and pieces here and there – on the podcast, on social media, but never in one place with a detailed play-by-play. But I’ve realized that there are people out there who are probably curious because maybe they too want to start businesses or grow businesses, while juggling other things. So, I’ll be breaking this down so you can understand how I’ve made it work.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    169: Why Authenticity Always Wins with Erin Parekh


    Erin Parekh is a holistic nutritionist and women’s wellness expert who specializes in guiding women to nourish themselves and their bodies as they transition into motherhood and beyond. Since 2017, she has supported hundreds of clients to feel balanced and thrive in their bodies using real food nutrition and simple self-care rituals. In her private coaching practice, she has supported women through challenges in fertility, postpartum depletion, menopausal symptoms, gut health, and stress management. Her expertise has been featured in New York Minute Mag, Palm Beach Illustrated, and Nutritious Life. So, Erin and I have known each other since 2018, when she first became a client of mine and joined my Your Wellness Brand program – and I’ve had the honor of supporting her in her business more recently as she prepares for her maternity leave. I’m so excited to share her journey with you and give you a peek at how her business has evolved since we met. In this episode, we chat about her journey with multiple eating disorders in her teens and early 20’s, and how she ultimately healed her relationship to her body by falling in love with cooking, what it looked like for her to shift out of a 10-year career working in the art world in NYC and start her business as a health coach, why she says being authentic has been the foundation of her marketing strategy and how that has gotten her clients and built her audience, the investments she made over the past 4 years that really helped her build momentum and a name for herself in the industry, how her journey with infertility and then getting pregnant successfully has evolved the focus of her business, why perfectionism and putting herself out there have challenged her the most in business and how she works through them, and so much more!   To learn more about Erin Parekh and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    168: Using Guided Visualization to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom


    In this week’s solo episode, I decided to switch things up. Instead of answering a question from a listener or sharing some key business advice, I’m leading you through a grounded guided visualization exercise to help calm your nervous system and help you connect to your inner wisdom. If you’re feeling frazzled from too much information, too much stimulation, or too much stress, this is sure to help you find your center again and clarify what your right next step is in your business. Whether you’re at a crossroads or need to make an important decision, this exercise will help you honor your truth. This is something I highly recommend integrating into your daily life if possible so that you are firmly rooted within yourself and connected to your intuition and creativity vs. getting knocked off course by comparison or the chaos of the world. So, pop in those earbuds, take a break from the social media, emails and news, and connect within.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    167: Why Excluding People From Your Target Audience Isn’t a Bad Thing


    One of the biggest concerns I’ve been hearing from entrepreneurs for many years is this: What if I exclude people by getting “too specific” with my target audience? If you find yourself stuck here and feel tempted to go broad with your target audience so that you don’t turn anyone away, this episode is for you. Inside I share why getting “too specific” isn’t something to worry about and why it’s so important for your brand and business to choose the audience you resonate with most. If you find yourself wanting to go deeper into this topic, check out episodes 147 and 136 where I share even more about how to choose your target audience wisely, deepen your understanding of them, and craft content and messaging that they feel seem by.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    166: When Enthusiasm Makes Your Business Magnetic with Ariel Kiley


    Ariel Kiley is an Embodiment Teacher, certified Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution Practitioner and published author. Over the past decade Ariel has taught thousands of yoga and therapeutic yoga classes in New York City and Los Angeles. She has also designed programming and led teacher trainings for Equinox Fitness clubs, Tune Up Fitness, Dou Yoga, Prema Yoga, and more. Ariel designed and starred in the Yoga Fundamentals program on Daily Burn and has also led stress reduction workshops for Harvard Med Students and at Yale University. Ariel’s ongoing mission is to awaken her students to the extraordinary potential of the body's wisdom - which she does daily through her online mindful movement program EMBODIED with Ariel. So, I am so excited to share this conversation with Ariel today. Not only is she the kind of person who you’re in awe of because of the way she lives her life, but she’s also a client of mine who is currently in my mastermind group, Magnetism, and completed my biz mentorship program, Your Wellness Brand in the spring of 2021. She’s brilliant and creating a platform that is truly one-of-a-kind. In this episode, we chat about what it was like to start her career as an actress at 18 and be cast in a controversial episode of the Sopranos, why she decided to leave behind Hollywood in her 20’s, gave working a desk job a shot, and ultimately fell in love with yoga instead, what inspired her to become a yoga teacher, and her journey becoming a super popular teacher in New York City who was flown around the world by Equinox to run a runner’s reset program, her personal experience with trauma and how playing an active role in her healing inspired her to integrate trauma healing into her work, her decision to leave New York and go on a solo road trip to the desert right before COVID, and how this inspired her to pivot her work and launch her membership platform, why she decided to enroll in my business mentorship program YWB to evolve her brand, and what her experience was like, and so much more!   To learn more about Ariel Kiley and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    165: What It Means to Lead with Intuition in Business


    You may have heard the term “intuitive entrepreneurship” thrown around over the past few years. That’s because the approach to business growth is shifting away from being hyper data driven and “competitive” to something that balances out the masculine and feminine. The masculine being the logical and action-oriented side, and the feminine being the more intuitive and creative side. In this episode, I explain my POV on what it means to lead intuitively, what it has looked like for me to lead intuitively to grow my own business, and what you need to practice in order to sharpen your connection to your intuition. If you know you want to take this kind of approach to evolving and expanding your impact as a business owner and lead in a way that feels good and aligned, this episode is for you.   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    164: The Journey to Owning Who You Really Are with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani


    Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and artist. For the past 18 years, she has co-created the internationally acclaimed education platform Mindvalley, as the co-founder. And collaborated with leading thinkers and teachers in consciousness, relationships, human performance, and life optimization. She’s also the author of Live By Your Own Rules, a 30-day optimal learning quest designed for transformation to help you identify, understand, and accept all the dimensions of your authentic self so that you can live an extraordinary life and make happiness a regular practice. As an advocate for happiness within, she takes her kids on trips to the Amazon Jungle to recharge or joins groups of entrepreneurs, such as Maverick1000 on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. In this episode, we chat about what it was like to grow up in the Soviet Union and live in a country where entrepreneurship was illegal, and how becoming a business owner happened by accident, her decision to pick up and move to New York with her then husband, start the company Mind Valley, and be part of building it into the empire it is today, how personal growth was something that was simply part of her professional life and not necessarily her personal life, and why that shifted for her in her 40’s, her perspective on how to approach growing your audience, and why she says believing in your message is essential, why turning 40 was a pivotal moment for her that led to completing her marriage, shifting her role at Mind Valley, and fully stepping into being her most authentic self, how her journey as a speaker and author has unfolded for her, and why this big life shift led her to her message of why being authentic is key to happiness, and so much more!   To learn more about Kristina Mand-Lakhiani and the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram
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    163: How to Create Your Signature Offer


    In this week’s solo episode, I share how to create your signature offer. And not an offer that’s basic and like every other coach or service-provider out there, but that’s unique to you. Creating something that isn’t templated, but is based on your experience, your training, and your own transformation is one of the key ingredients for standing out from the crowd and becoming known for what you do. When you don’t have something juicy to offer like this, it becomes challenging to feel clear and confident about what you do, and it also becomes a challenge to market yourself magnetically. So, today I’ll be diving into the key steps to creating the right offer for your business and your audience. I also share more about my business mentorship program Your Wellness Brand. This is my signature method and offering, and I’m currently accepting applications. To learn more visit   To submit your question, visit the show notes.   Follow Me On: Facebook Instagram

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