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Suman Kalyanpur ll Singer ll The Other Lata ll Episode #107 February 4, 2023

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In this episode of Bollywood Talks, I will discuss life and career of singer Suman Kalyanpur. She’s one of the best known and most respected playback singers from India. Suman’s voice is often compared with legendary singer, late Lata Mangeshkar. She’s also known as the other Lata. Suman Kalyanpur was recently honored with the Padma Bhusan award by the Indian Government and celebrated her 86th birthday last week on January 28th. Enjoy this episode on Suman Kalayanpur. If you want to listen to our full musical radio show, tune in Saturdays at 9:00 PM EST You can also watch my YouTube channels Bollywood Talks, Filmi Talks Shorts and Filmi Talks Panjabi. Please do like and subscribe. Thank you for listening.

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