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Enough Is Enough!

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Enough Is Enough! Enough of the Bullshit! I dive deep into the cancel culture being allowed to do way too much! When does it end? I discuss everything from Michael Meyers The Holloween character being cancelled to Lil Boosie comments about Lil Nas X and my College & NFL picks of the weekend, plus how Keyshawn Johnson thinks Pete Carroll deserves to be fired! Plus, much, much more!

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  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    The Courage To Stand Alone


    The Courage to Stand Alone separates the men from the boys! Can you stand alone and stand by your convictions? I don't think 99.9% of you can! I dive deep into this topic plus everything Lakers, NFL playoffs, and how soft society and cancel culture is asking for BA to be fined by the NFL, and how mainstream media influences these actions. Brought to you by Manscaped &
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast



    I ask WHY on this fine Monday, Jan, 17th, does the trash truck come? Why don't it come on Columbus day? I ask why are the NFL playoffs horrible this year, and Why are the Lakers so Shitty? I ask why does AB get a pass, but BA don't! I ask why KD's inujuries gets a pass, but Klay Thompson's don't! I dive into WHY, WHY is so overlooked! Don't miss this episode brought to you by and Manscaped.
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

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  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    Buyer Or Seller


    Are you a Buyer or a Seller? I break down what the differences between the two are on this episode brought to you by Manscaped & I also discuss my playoff picks for the weekend and much more real talk banter!
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    Zero Accountability


    We have zero accountability as adults, and allow these kids to do and say anything! We just sit back and allow it! I dive deep into everything real and discuss Old School Vs. New School mentality, and how to break the curse of this generation. I discuss some NBA and Morant & The Grizzlies along with how the NFL, NBA, and NCAA are all watered down because of the soft rules that have been put in place and why betting is so unpredictable. Brought to you by Manscaped &
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    Man's Best Friend


    Man's Best Friend, I discuss my Relationship with my Best Friend Stogie.. RIP.. I discuss everything that is wrong with Society, and with our youth. I discuss Bowl opt outs, and transfer portal issues. I also discuss the NIL and the NCAA - Non Caring Assholes Of America! I also discuss NFL playoffs and NFL QB's along with hirings & NFL firings. Brought to you by Manscaped &
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    I'm BETTER Than YOU!


    This I'm Better than you mentality has really screwed up America, and the latest victims are Urban Meyer, Kyrie Irving, The Government, and everyone in between who has allowed this mentality to continue to brain wash our youth! Don't miss this episode brought to you by Manscaped! I discuss all things real, and as Raw & Uncut as Ever!
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast



    If I give you TRUTH SERUM, what will you really say? What will you really do? I dive deep into the TRUTH, and why Kyrie wants back now, why is NFL, NBA, and NHL teams shutting down the facilities.. how is this still happening? I dive into the weekend in sports, the Rams big WIN, and everything Urban Meyer, Brian Kelly, and the Oregon Hire. Brought to you by Manscaped!
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    Hand Outs


    Too Many Damn Hand Outs & Trophies of Participation being dealt! What happened to Tough Love and appreciation for hard work and dedication? It is lost, and we need to find it before it's lost forever! I discuss The Seahawks Adams being lost for the season ,and how coach of the year in the NCAA level is a joke and only enabling the kids to want a trophy for participating.
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    A Boss like you, Needs a BOSS Like ME!


    All these wanna be BOSSES think they can get it done! I am here to tell them they all need a BOSS Like ME! Don't miss this SlapDick Podcast brought to you by Manscaped, as I dive deep into the NCAA football hiring and firing processes, along with the NFL weekend, and the state of Lamar Jackson, Patty Mahomes, and more. I also discuss how Bosses need Bosses too! Don't miss this one!
  • Bleav in the Slapdick Podcast podcast

    Addition By Subtraction!


    I dive into how Addition by Subtraction is a real thing in real life! Brian Kelly is addition to Notre Dame by Subtraction, new coach, new era! Coach O at LSU has added time to his life by Addition by Subtraction as I explain on the latest installment of the SlapDick podcast brought to you by Manscaped! I also discuss AB vs Aaron Rogers Vaccine debate, along with Montana State player quits and enters portal during the playoffs! How a UCLA players transfers to a Mid-Major, and how Memphis wins by 73 in the NBA, plus the big upcoming football weekend and much more!

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