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Healthcast 571 - Obesity is the Enemy, when a Healthy Full Life is the Goal

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Last week we talked about obesity as the biggest risk to both individual health and to the overall health of Americans.  This is not fat shaming…this is a fact!    Americans are inundated with advertising which literally makes them hungry for foods that make them fat, which then makes them hungry for more high calories food….we are being fooled into eating what is killing us!

I think the epidemic of Obesity in the US is caused by the following:


  1. Fast food, Junk Food
  2. Sugared and Diet soft drinks
  3. Excessive Alcohol intake (and high calorie mixers they are served in)
  4. Lack of physical movement
  5. Lack of exercise: TV, driving, video games,
  6. Mental vs Physical labor
  7. Sugar substitutes that cause obesity (Splenda (yellow) Saccharin (pink) Equal (blue)
  8. Stress


Fast food= High calories + High Carbohydrates= Weight gain

The only time I have fast food is when I am traveling by car.  This summer, I took note of all the calories/carbs in the fast food we were stopping for which made me horrified at the possible total daily calories one meal can generate.  By driving I am not exercising so basically, I am fatter when I get somewhere than when I started….next year I’m packing my food! 

The basal metabolic rate = the number of calories you burn in a day if you aren’t working out and exercising is generally less than 2,000 calories, and the shorter you are the fewer calories you need. Your weight doesn’t increase the number of calories you need unless your weight is from muscle.  Fat doesn’t burn any calories, only muscle does!!  This means that if you eat 2,000 calories per day and sit at your job you will stay the same weight.  If you eat more you gain if you eat less you lose.

But a calorie isn’t a calorie…in other words all calories aren’t equal.  Even though fat contains more calories per oz than protein or carbohydrates, carbohydrates impair your ability to burn calories by making you insulin resistant…carbohydrates are more damaging to your weight loss than any other food and fast food is full of them!


Here is what I found out about fast food.

Big Mac = 540 calories

Burger King Large Fries = 434 calories

Chick Filet Chicken sandwich = 430 cal

Chick Filet sandwich = 440 calories

Chipolte Burrito-Carne = 570 calories

Dairy Queen ½ lb. grilled burger with cheese = 800 calories

Dairy Queen brownie batter Blizzard, medium = 880 calories

KFC Fried Chicken one Chicken breast = 360 calories

McDonald’s French Fries large = 510 calories (all carb and fat)

Panera/STL Bread Co asiago cheese bagel = 320 calories (all carb)

Pizza Hut meat lover’s 1- slice = 410 calories (who eats just one slice?)

Taco Bell soft Taco = 180 cal each

 Coffee Calories:  Coffee at Starbucks is really just drinking dessert!

Coffee black any size = 0 calories

Starbucks Café mocha Vente = 280 calories

Starbucks Café mocha vente = 330 calories

The Point: Cooking at home with olive oil and other polyunsaturated oils with low carb contents is more conducive to weight loss than eating fast food….No surprise!

Soft Drinks

Soda is just eating a bowl of corn syrup with carbonation---It is deadly because it readjusts your insulin, by increasing your insulin to cause insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance is the problem when it comes to weight loss as adults…and some children.  These drinks should be removed from the American diet…they provide no nutrition, and they cause obesity.

Obesity can only be treated by and avoided by consciously eating a healthy diet without fast and junk food, without soda and simple sugars.  The other side of this is that Americans must sit less and exercise and walk more. Know how many calories you can eat and minimize carbohydrates.  If we eat it, big business will continue to sell junk and fast food.  We have been a bad example to the rest of the world by exporting all the fast-food franchises to other countries. We must take the lead in following healthy patterns that provide profit for companies that make healthy food and drink instead of the food and drink of obesity and the addiction to sugar!

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    Healthcast 581 - “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble….”


    See all the Healthcast at When I started practicing medicine, I realized that there were many medical problems and patient symptoms which had no treatment approved by the FDA.  This was frustrating and I realized I had a talent for finding alternate treatments that were compounded by a compounding pharmacy for my patients.  I followed research, basic science, and the advice of a compounding pharmacist to find these treatments, and miraculously they worked!  Many of those treatments are now accepted by the mainstream medical establishment and even the FDA. That was over 35 years ago… I have continued to research treatments to address the problems of my patients. Many times, I have read research novel uses for an old drug or research that finally documents the treatments I have been successfully employing in my practice for years. My husband is a really entertaining guy and when I tell my husband that mainstream medicine has finally accepted and now endorses a treatment I have been using for 10-20 years, he has a pat response:   He sings an old Mac Davis song,, “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way……your medical discovery is finally endorsed!”.  He is making sure I don’t get full of myself because I found a treatment long before the “other guys”. It is one of my two favorite things…finding the answer for a patient’s pain or illness! It is hard to wait for the huge leviathan of medical knowledge to finally endorse what I have been seeing and using for years!  The practice of medicine was and is supposed to be using what a doctor knows, has learned and what she has read in the form of research, to deductively find a solution for individual patients, instead of following a well-worn algorithm that rarely works.  What most patients experience in the doctor’s office is a watered-down treatment, orchestrated by the insurance companies to save them money and to pay doctors very little for their work. They only pay for 5 minutes of a doctor’s visit and decrease what they pay every year, so that doctors are expected to treat one thing at a time, and never has time to look at the whole patient picture.  It is one of the reasons I left the practice of insurance run medicine…I wanted to be able to put the pieces together for each patient and create a treatment plan to make each patient healthier so they could enjoy a quality life.  That is what I do now...I live the dream of most doctors. I have enough time to look over every part of a patient’s life and create a workable plan that involves not only hormones but treatment of pre-diabetes and Pre-heart disease and other diseases of aging. Making people healthy has always been my goal and in the last 20 years I have been able to do so!  This situation came up recently when I read a research article in the Journal of the AMA (JAMA) that stated that Statins, such as Rosuvastatin, atorvastatin, simvastatin, and pravastatin, frequently make patients’ diabetes worse.  The title stated, “Association of Statin Therapy Initiation with Diabetes Progression”. This is something I discovered in private practice, and from reading research a long time ago, but the majority of the doctors in my community contradicted my advice to my patients to stop statins, if they had not had a heart attack, so their diabetes would improve, and it always did.  Some of my patients were no longer diabetic when they were taken off their statin.   If they had a lot of plaque on their arteries, I put them on Zetia, a non-statin lipid lowering drug, which did not affect their AODM.  I was ecstatic when I read in JAMA that now the majority of the doctors will treat patients like I have for the last decade.  Think this through logically. Why would you take a medication to lower your chance of heart disease if you weren’t at risk for it anyway.  A high cholesterol doesn’t mean you have arterial plaque.  Many patients have high cholesterol and have no plaque in their vessels.  If that is you, you could be taking a drug to prevent a problem you’ll never have, and develop type 2 diabetes, a disease that can cause heart disease and damage to your arteries.  My advice is to take statins only if you have had a heart attack, had stents placed, or a stroke from arteriosclerosis.  If you have a cardia calcium scan of zero-50, and have not had any of the previously mentioned heart problems, then statins aren’t doing you any good, and they might cause you to have type II diabetes, which in itself can cause heart disease and strokes. So, for all the times I have been criticized for treatments that work, don’t cause complications and make people well, I am now tooting my own horn like Mac Davis did in his song.  The proof is in the current medical articles that appeared years after I already treated patients with this “new discovery”.  I am just thankful that I can have the time and motivation to practice like am able to do now.   More importantly take a statin only if you need it, in other words, only if you already have proven arteriosclerosis.
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    Healthcast 580 – Do you have brain fog? It might be from low thyroid.


    See all the Healthcasts at One of the questions I ask my patients about when they first come in for Estradiol and Testosterone pellet replacement is whether they have trouble remembering names of things and places, or if they have difficulty remembering how to get somewhere or if they are just having difficulty thinking through problems that they haven’t had in the past. The reason I ask this to my new patients is primarily to find out if they have symptoms of low testosterone and low estrogen (in women). It is widely known that replacing testosterone in both sexes and replacing T and estradiol in women can improve recall and speed of mental tasks.  If taken in the first 10 years of loss of these two hormones Taking Testosterone plus or minus Estradiol delay the onset of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease.   A new study in Clinical Endocrine News 6/2021 shows that a lack of enough thyroid hormone Can also cause brain fog.  I always treat low thyroid in my patients as well to make sure they become completely hormonally replaced, to improve their symptoms and prevent future disease. Just a little information about the thyroid gland.  The thyroid gland is located in the neck right above the collar bone at the base of the neck. It extends a few inches laterally and is shaped like a butterfly.  When the gland is having difficulty making enough thyroid hormone it enlarges and looks like a thickening of the lower neck or like the neck is getting “fat”.  This is called a “goiter”. The hormones made by the thyroid gland are distributed to every cell in the body and are the primary determinant of how many calories you can burn.  Thyroid hormone stimulates the production of heat in the body and that indicates the burning of calories.  The thyroid hormones, T3 and T4, not only make burning calories and making heat possible, but they also make hair and nails grow, and assist in cell turnover (exchanging new cells for old). Patients with low thyroid may or may not have a goiter, but generally they are very fatigued, and their hair breaks off and falls out, their skin is extremely dry, and they feel cold all the time. The list of all of the symptoms that can occur from low thyroid are below. The following are symptoms of hypothyroidism: Fatigue, loss of energy, lethargy Weight gain Decreased appetite Cold intolerance Dry skin Hair loss Sleepiness Muscle pain, joint pain, weakness in the extremities Depression Emotional lability, mental impairment Forgetfulness, impaired memory, inability to concentrate Constipation Menstrual disturbances, impaired fertility Decreased perspiration Paresthesias = nerve entrapment syndromes Blurred vision Decreased hearing Fullness in the throat, hoarseness Generalized swelling and bloating The treatment for hypothyroidism is relatively easy…patients are given an oral thyroid medicine.  The reason many people are walking around with hypothyroidism is partially the fault of the government and the medical community.  40 years ago, the primary necessary component to make thyroid hormone is Iodine, and we used to supplement our foods like bread with iodine.  This kept many Americans who don’t live near the coast (where there is plenty of iodine in the soil and air) supplied with iodine and prevented thyroid disease.  Ever since the government stopped requiring foods to have added iodine, the number of patients with hypothyroidism has rapidly grown and they either don’t get treated because the lab numbers are adjusted to cause fewer people get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism even when they need it, or doctors don’t follow the method of determining dose of Synthroid. Doctors are trained to give the very lowest dose of thyroid possible and not to check the real thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) but to check the TSH which doesn’t tell a doctor the real thyroid hormone level and doesn’t parallel the symptoms a patient is experiencing. Back to how thyroid hormones affect the memory and thought process. Many people are evaluated for dementia every day because they have memory problems and difficulty thinking, however their doctors do not evaluate the thyroid hormones when evaluating these patients.  It is well known that low thyroid hormones and low Testosterone can cause problems with mentation, but these hormones are not tested.   The patients who do not have traditional dementia or Alzheimer’s disease are told that they don’t have those devastating diseases by their neurologist however the cause of the problem is not looked for in the levels of thyroid and testosterone.  Most people live in fear of having Alzheimer’s because they can’t think anymore but are never treated for the real causes which are hormonal!  Other people are given too little thyroid, which is like not treating them, but doctors act like they are giving a narcotic and must be worried about addiction, when this hormone is necessary for life, and quality of life! One of my hormone patients was the best example of the damage that doctors who are stingy about giving thyroid medication.  Judy, 49-year-old came to me for many symptoms, only a few of which were related to low thyroid, however she was most concerned about her ability to think!  I explained that she had three reasons she couldn’t recall names of friends and restaurant or street names. She immediately started to cry, “You mean I’m not crazy and I‘m not imagining my symptoms, and I don’t have dementia?”  I have been to 5 doctors asking about my thyroid function because I had a lot of the symptoms and they all told me I was normal, and maybe imagining my symptoms!  My GYN told me he doesn’t “believe” in replacing hormones after menopause, so he refused to give me any hormone replacement after my total hysterectomy!  Do you mean I can get better?”   I treated Judy’s thyroid deficiency by the weight-based formula= weight in pound/2.2, times 1.75.  That gave me the dose in micrograms of levothyroxine.  Her number was 150 of levothyroxine, however I use Armour Thyroid for women.  The formula to convert the mcgs of levothyroxine to Armour thyroid is 100 mcg= 60 mg of AT.  I wrote her a script for 90 of Armour Thyroid and in 4 weeks her symptoms were gone! This formula is not a secret or hard to is on the insert the pharmacist gives you when you pick up your prescription!  Sadly,most doctors don’t know how to prescribe thyroid properly.  The key to adequate thyroid prescribing is when your patient’s symptoms are gone, they are usually at the right dose! I also replaced Judy’s estradiol and testosterone with pellets which took care of her other menopausal symptoms, and other causes of memory problems.  She is back to normal, thinking clearly, not living in fear of having dementia and happily living her life again. Brain fog can be from any or all of the three hormones estradiol and testosterone in women and testosterone in men, and thyroid in both sexes.  Don’t give up.  Find a doctor who will treat your thyroid with enough thyroid and remind them that the dose isn’t right if your symptoms of low thyroid aren’t gone. There is a multitude of effective and safe treatments that mainstream medicine has not accepted yet, and I hope they change how they view the thyroid and thyroid deficiency. However, our patients are suffering now, and can’t wait for mainstream medicine to come to the realization that patients should feel better and have their symptoms treated, it is not just the numbers on a lab sheet that need treatment! It seems to take decades for medical guidelines to catch up with medical research and curative hormone replacement.  “MEDICINE” will not arrive at these answers for years.  Patients can’t wait for the leviathan of medical practice figures this out.  Your knowledge should help you negotiate treatment with your doctor, so you can live a full and productive life!
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    Healthcast 579 – The importance of taking the correct fish oil.


    See all the Healthcasts at Not all inflammation is damaging, however long-term inflammation can damage healthy tissue, create disease, allergies, and heart disease.  We know that a limited exposure to inflammation is needed to heal injuries, but exposure to inflammation for an extended period causes the changes that occur with autoimmune diseases, it breaks down the collagen of joints, and skin causing joint pain and sagging skin, arteriosclerosis and creates a hyper-allergic state like asthma and eczema. We test for inflammation with a blood test called Highly Sensitive CRP. We try to control inflammation in our patients to help them avoid the consequences of inflammation listed above.  We do this by treating our patients with curcumin, and turmeric two herbal supplements that decrease inflammation.  This is generally not enough to reverse longstanding inflammation.  We use all the ways we know to limit the damage done by inflammation. We also use the following methods of inflammation reversal: Testosterone replacement when low T is found Cox 2 inhibitors, Celebrex prescription Weight loss Treating longstanding infection or injured joints that continue to cause chronic inflammation Treatment with Omega 3 oils, and decrease of the intake of Omega 6 oils  We have reviewed the first four methods of treating inflammation in other healthcasts, but we have become aware of a very effect oil and increasing the amount of Omega 3 oils.  Omega 3 oils in your diet.  We find Omega 3 oil in Marine fish and shellfish, so if a person increases their intake of fish like: Salmon, Halibut, Herring, Sardines, Trout, Oysters, Mackerel, and Tuna. You should eat at least 3 servings of fish a week or you can take Omega 3 oils in the form of DHA and Eicosatetraenoic Acid (EPA) every day as a supplement. Omega 3 oils (DHA and EPA) are used by the body to limit the inflammatory process.  Inflammation can be improved by limiting Omega 6 oils and increasing Omega 3 oil. Omega 6 fatty acids primarily increase inflammation by increasing prostaglandins which have many positive actions in the body, so the goal is to increase Omega 3 oils from marine fish and shellfish, over and above the Omega 6 oils.   By changing the ratio between Omega 3 oils and Omega 6 oils we can prevent or improve the symptoms of Crohns’ Disease, inflammatory bowel disease, endometriosis, and autoimmune disease. The healthy amount of Omega 3 oil required to maintain a health, and prevent inflammatory diseases and side effects, is much higher than the amount that most American’s ingest every day.  The ideal ratio of Marine Omega 3 oil, to the Omega 6 oils from seeds and nuts is 4:1. Most Americans consume Omega 3: Omega 6 oils in the ratio of 1: 20.  New studies say this puts Americans in a state of inflammation throughout their lives and therefore there is a huge increase in inflammatory based foods. In the past, we thought that oils made from seeds and nuts was healthier than fat and oil from animals and corn, so we thought we were healthier when we cook with oils made from seeds like sunflower oil or peanut oil.  We now find out that that change in our diet has caused us all to be filled with inflammation!  Now we know that Olive oil is the best oil to cook with to avoid using sunflower oil and other nut oils.     Patients who have inflammation on blood work (highly sensitive CRP > 3) require diet changes that changes the fats that they intake, decreasing the nut oils and increasing olive and fish oil. This lifestyle change takes up to up to 18 weeks to reverse inflammation, but the process can be hurried along by taking fish oil with DHA, and EPA. Fish oil has both DHA and EPA in it. Omega 3 oils should be increased for patients with high CRP, to decrease inflammation, and the diseases caused by it. If you have a high CRP this indicates inflammation, then changing your diet to eat more fish oil with DHA and EPA in it for as long as it takes to decrease your symptoms and your HS CRP is required.  It is no wonder we have so many autoimmune diseases in our present patient population…our diet has changed to an unhealthy high level of Omega 6 fats and a low ratio of Omega 3: Omega 6 oils and the outcome is a deluge of autoimmune inflammatory diseases, allergies, and obesity! Omega 3 oils are also vital to the health of your brain and arteries. For a long healthy, productive life, changing your diet is necessary. Sometimes being someone who doesn’t follow the crowd pays off, and in this case the crowd is headed off a cliff like lemmings! You are what you eat and suffering from these diseases is the outcome of eating the wrong way!
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    Healthcast 578 - The 15 Reasons You Have Trouble Losing Weight Part Two, Reasons #8-15


    See all the Healthcasts at #8 You drink alcohol while you are dieting. Alcohol is a toxin, not a food and slows or stops weight loss. When you drink, your liver prioritizes your alcohol and gets it out of your system first….then fat and other toxins that you need to metabolize.  Drinking every day keeps you from processing and losing fat…so it keeps you overweight.  When dieting..stop drinking! #9 You don’t drink water…just diet soda or tea or juice. Water consumption is necessary to mobilize and get fat out of your body.  You MUST DRINK 8-10 8 oz glasses of water a day to be able to get rid of fat! Drink water…its free! #10 Your medicines are working against you!  Anti=psychotics often used for sleep cause weight gain, as do anti-seizure meds and ORAL estrogen (birth control pills, postmenopausal hormones, especially Provera) and ORAL testosterone, and some blood pressure medications like beta-blockers. Ask your doctor for alternatives if possible.  If not, then you will have to emphasize the other ways to lose weight…it will just be a little more difficult.   #11. You eat because you are bored, not because you are hungry. This is a common reason people just can’t lose weight.  Emotional Eating!  Food should be your fuel, and you should consider what you are putting in your tank. Whole foods, clear water, fruit, meat, fish, and veggies are necessary to give you your energy to go through your day.  Eating mindlessly should be replaced by eating at meals.  Start by doing something else with your hands that keeps you from eating—do your nails, sudoku or crossword puzzles, petit-point, or hand sewing. These activities will keep you occupied and your hands busy.  If you must eat something, make it pistachios with the shells—you will burn more calories getting the sells off than eating the nuts!  #12 Your gut bacteria have become damaged by antibiotics, fast food, and alcohol.  You need healthy gut bacteria to absorb your nutrients and to lose weight.  Feed your gut Pro-biotics and a salad every day and you will build a biome that will help you lose weight. The need for a healthy gut is cited every day in medical literature.  People with just a few types of gut bacteria are fat and those people with many forms of gut bacteria are normal weight…You just must add a probiotic to your vitamins every day and eat salads to feed your bacteria! #13 You don’t take vitamins and supplements: Our food is not as nutritious as it used to be. To be truly healthy we must add to the nutrition we get from our food, especially when we are dieting and removing carbs from our diet.  Everyone in the US should take Vitamin D 5,000 units/day, magnesium glycinate 400 mg/day, methylated B complex vitamins, probiotic, Vitamin E 400 MIU, Vitamin A 25,000 units, Zinc 15 mcg, and trace minerals. If you are dieting you should add DIM ES 250-500 mg, chromium, protein powder with 25 gms of protein 1-2 times a day, Berberine, and vitamin K 100 mcg/day. #14 You don’t plan your meals or your shopping list—you just buy food that looks good. Being healthy and having the right foods at home is not more expensive but takes a few minutes a week. Shopping for food should be a stealth attach not a dirty bomb.  When you go to the store you should have planned what you will cook for dinners, and what should be available for lunches and breakfast.  There are expensive foods you don’t need to pay for the fresh foods you do need.     Here are my shopping guidelines: It is about WHAT you eat! Use a list and a plan No cereal, or oatmeal—especially instant oatmeal No chips Crackers should be whole grain No rice (unless it is wild rice) Buy fresh food for salads daily Buy meat (ham, turkey) and cheese for sandwiches (one piece of bread each sandwich) Bread should be high protein, nutritious (Dave’s bread) Food for meals should be fresh or frozen veggies Make multi-meal soups and stews—hold the bread Leave the soda and everything except bubble water at the store Leave anything that is baked goods and sweets alone Use milk-based dressings, not sweet dressings on your salad, or olive oil and balsamic vinegar Add nuts and dried fruit to your salad Have nuts, cheese, yogurt, and dried fruit or fresh fruit available for snacks. Eat lots of cheeses/butter—ricotta, cottage cheese, butter, blue cheese, feta cheese Eggs are good! Fat is not a bad thing for fills you up and doesn’t stimulate insulin. No low-fat diets because they have sugar in them. Get rid of junk food in your pantry—clean it out and donate or trash these foods..and don’t buy it again. Growing kids need more carbs…but teach your kids to eat healthy carbs! #15: You don’t Eat right for your Blood type.  Genetically, certain foods are either good or bad for your genetics.  Follow the blood type foods for you type…(Dr. DaDamo, Live Right For Your Type).  Remember: Our parents didn’t necessarily feed us what was good for you…they just continued the habit of feeding you what they learned to cook from their mothers.  In addition, you can have many different blood types in a family and the same food that is good for one of you is not the same for another member of the family. Don’t perpetuate bad eating in a family! Please take this to heart and follow the plan and you will be able to achieve a healthy weight!
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    Healthcast 577 - The 15 Reasons You Have Trouble Losing Weight #1-7


    See all the Healthcast at I have seen so many patients who come in for anti-aging Testosterone and estradiol who are 50-100% overweight and who do not follow my instructions for weight loss, that I am tired of talking to myself in my office!  It is frustrating to try to help a patient who doesn’t really want to help themselves when it comes to denying oneself food or sugary drinks, or alcohol to lose weight……many of my patients just shut me out when it comes to diet and exercise. I think being obese allows people to feel like a victim in our society when they are not!  Working at being healthy is WORK!  The benefits are that you get to your ideal weight, your joints don’t have to be replaced, you can exercise, walk, and keep up with your kids and grandkids and you will live longer and happier.  If you take the easy way out and whine when I tell you to stop eating and drinking certain foods, then you are making the decision to be sick and overweight.  I am a prime example of working at being normal weight: I have the genes for adult-onset Diabetes and for Obesity (yes there are genes that make it harder to lose weight), but I am not diabetic or obese.  A doctor taught me how to eat and not be hungry as well as to exercise to fit my body type, to keep me normal weight. It isn’t fun or easy….but I’m accustomed to it and I know every day I have to eat properly to be healthy!  Let’s start with going over the reasons you have trouble losing weight…you may have some or all of these reasons….but they can be adjusted if you have the courage to go for it!  #1.  All calories are not equal: This means that any food has calories in it but foods made of one type of food like a carbohydrate, isn’t equal to the same number of calories as a protein.  A calorie is a measure of the energy you can get out of any type of food, but your body uses the food differently based on the type of calorie it is, and how your metabolism is set up, genetically.  Example: If you eat 2 pieces of white bread you eat around 200 calories of carbohydrate. Instead, if you eat 3 eggs you have about the same number of calories, but your body doesn’t use them the same way.  If you are already overweight, you are insulin resistant so a carbohydrate will overstimulate your insulin, and the carb calories will make fat and not energy.  If you eat 3 eggs your insulin will not be over stimulated, and you will be able to make energy from the eggs. A low carbohydrate diet is the one all women over 40 should follow to remain healthy and normal weight. NO SUGAR, NO CANDY CAKE #2 Your genes are working against you, and you may have inherited the genes for weight gain, Obesity, and or diabetes, but it isn’t necessarily going to cause you to be obese or diabetic.  We now know that a person can turn off their genes for obesity and diabetes by living a healthy lifestyle.  The study of this fact is called Epigenetics.  You are born with the genes from your parents and grandparents; however, genes are not a blueprint for your life that can’t be changed…If you eat a low carb diet and exercise daily you can turn your genes off and look and feel different from the blue print you were born with. #3. You just diet and don’t exercise.  Diet alone will not give you lasting weight loss.  It is true that people who diet and fast can lose lbs. quickly, but it is generally a loss of water. Lasting weight loss takes eating right and exercise at the same time! #4. You just exercise and don’t eat a low carb whole food diet: Exercise alone is not an effective weight loss method. Sadly, we can always out eat our exercise, and diet alone without exercise is not effective because our bodies were born to move, and they shut off calorie burning if you are sedentary. The more muscle you have, the more ability you must burn calories.  It takes exercise to create and maintain muscle mass. Exercise + a Healthy low carb Diet is the only way to lose weight! #5. You are over 40 and gaining weight. Your successful ways of losing weight no longer work.    After age 40 testosterone from the ovaries and testes decreases and goes away which causes weight gain.  Testosterone is vital to weight loss because testosterone turns the calorie burning that occurs in our muscles, on.  You need to replace it when you don’t have any! Weight loss requires muscles and testosterone to burn calories efficiently.  This is the reason most women gain weight after 40—testosterone decreases, the muscles don’t burn calories, and the muscles are replaced by fat.  The smaller your muscle mass, the lower your basal metabolic rate. #6. You just eat junk food and carbs, no salad, or fresh foods.  Everyone who wants to be healthy should eat a salad every day.  We are omnivores—we are built to eat fruit, veggies, nuts, meat, and a wide variety of fresh foods.  Salad fills you up and provides nutrients that everyone needs.  Salad also feeds your gut bacteria that make your feel-good neurotransmitters and peptides communicators.  If they don’t get roughage…they aren’t fed and you don’t absorb nutrients or make the right neurotransmitters….you gain weight and get depressed! #7  You don’t eat meat or high protein foods—Humans must eat half their weight in grams of protein every day to maintain their muscle mass and burn calories!  If you don’t eat enough protein, you will lose muscle and decrease the number of calories you burn in a day. To find the number of grams of protein you need per day, divide your weight in pounds in half. The result is the number of grams of protein you need per day.  If you exercise daily…you need even more! Next week we will discuss the reasons you are having trouble losing weight, #8-15.
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    Healthcast 576 - Hormone Replacement Is Linked to Lower Mortality in Women!


    See all the Healthcast at I always hear my patients say things like, “I don’t care if these pellets cause me to die early, I’m taking them anyway because they improve the quality of my life and relationships”….I have to stop and correct them!!! NO! replacement of estradiol and testosterone to women after they lose their own hormones makes you live longer!!!  There are many research articles that prove that the replacement of hormones decrease the rate of dementia, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases and poor immunity that leads to death from infections, but it is hard to find a research article that says “Hormone Replacement Therapy is Associated with Lower Mortality”….but it does! American College of Cardiology March 8, 2017, published this study and supported it with real statistics---why didn’t we hear about this?  Probably because if you are healthy because of estrogen replacement…then you don’t need so many meds and the drug companies don’t make as much money on medications!!!  If you doubt that they have the power to suppress information, then you are dreaming! You don’t have to give up a long life to lead a quality life!  My goal in treating my patients is to lengthen and strengthen them against all diseases!  Hormones are what makes us bulletproof when we are young, and if we replace them, we don’t age as quickly and we avoid the diseases of aging.  In my books The Secret Female Hormone, and Got Testosterone? (Available on Amazon), I describe the diseases that can be avoided or delayed by taking bioidentical testosterone pellets for both sexes.  This is just one of the thousands of research articles I have found that prove that replacement of E2 and T for women and T for men make us live longer. The article cited here tells us that women taking estradiol for hot flashes and vaginal dryness also decreased their risk of death from atherosclerosis, decreased plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries, compared to women who did not take estrogen after menopause. It also states that the replacement of E2 has been considered controversial because of the flawed 2002 research by the NIH (WHI STUDY) that stopped women all over the   country from receiving prescriptions from their Doctors  for estrogen.  The doctors didn’t read the study…just the headlines and stopped prescribing estrogen. It was also easier for them to never have to talk about estrogen again…but their patients suffered.  I can remember all the screaming horrible phone calls we received after my patients stopped taking their estrogen on their own after reading the NIH headline…the headline was in fact wrong…it was Provers—a synthetic progestin (NOT PROGESTERONE) that caused the results…not estradiol! I never took my patients off estradiol because I knew the truth…and I needed the replacement of my estrogen after my oophorectomy, and I couldn’t think or sleep or anything else!  Now 15 years later we get the right information that estrogen replacement saves us from heart disease (the biggest killer of women), and osteoporosis, stroke, and even cancer! The 2002 WHI study cause American women to stop taking estrogen—60% of menopausal women took E2 replacement in 1998, and less than 23 % inn 2012. 6 percent of women died during the average follow up period of 8 years. During the study period women on estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) were 30% less likely to die of heart disease than women not on estrogen at the same ages, Estrogenized women also had much lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and higher rates of zero plaque on their cardiac calcium scans!! The lower rates of plaque are due to the estrogen effect of decreasing cholesterol and diabetes. Studies show that women with high levels of estrogen during premenopause, have the cardiovascular health of men 10-20 years younger than they are!  After menopause that advantage is lost, but women have the opportunity to regain cardiovascular benefits by replacing estrogen. What are your reasons for not replacing your lost estradiol? It saves your heart and vessels and prevents many diseases of aging.  If you replace your estrogen with pellets, you avoid the risk of blood clotting problems found in oral estrogens, and there is no increased risk of breast cancer either!  What is your reason for not replacing your estrogen?  Your doctor won’t write a script?  Change doctors to someone who is up to date and not too lazy to bother with your hormones! Reference Am College of Cardiology MARCH 8, 2017, “HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY ASSOCIATED WITH LOWER MORTALITY”.
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    Healthcast 575 - Why you absolutely need to take oral Vitamin D3

    17:02 Vitamin D is not just a vitamin, as most people think, it is a HORMONE called Cholecalciferol that is required for general health, thick bones, for making muscle and your immune system, your brain function, and for protecting you from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Vitamin D also acts to assist your body in absorbing calcium and zinc from your food and supplements.  Without Vitamin D3 these vital minerals go through your body without absorption, and you just excrete them without being able to use them. The vitamin-hormone Vitamin D comes in several forms.  The form D2 comes in natural food sources such as salmon, swordfish, egg yolk and fortified foods such as milk, orange juice and other milk products like yogurt.  However, Vitamin D2 is not a potent form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also produced by your skin in the melanin when you go out on a sunny day, however you would have to be out daily for most of the sunny hours, without sunscreen, at a latitude like where Phoenix and Destin Florida is or further south to absorb enough Vitamin D from the sun. Your skin absorption in the 21st century is usually minimal since medical science has promoted the use of sunscreen every day all day long which blocks our absorption of Vitamin D. Your skin tone also alters how much Vitamin D you absorb from the sun.  if you have very light skin and burn easily it takes less time in the sun to absorb the same amount of vitamin D than someone who has dark skin.  It is a given that most people who do not live in the southern US and have dark skin are not getting enough Vitamin D from the sun even if they work outdoors all day long, so they must take a supplement orally or in a shot of VitaminD3. The recommended oral dose is 5,000 MIUs of Vitamin D3 every day to receive enough Vitamin D in their body. For all people with all skin types, you should be out in the sun for an hour before you cover yourself in sunscreen.  The sun gives you vitamin D, but also has other benefits. Remember no matter what skin type you have, the tanner you get the less vitamin D3 you absorb.  It is a protective mechanism to prevent overdosing with D from the sun for those people who have dark skin and live in the sun around the equator. What does it really do? For one thing Vitamin D is essential to your immune system.  If you want to be immune to viruses and bacteria as well as cancer you must have a normal blood level of vitamin D.  The accepted level is 30 from the US government but it is preferable to have a blood level of 40-100 for optimal health. The other jobs of Vitamin D include Building muscle and bone, normalizing blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes, preventing heart disease, stroke, and dementia. If you want to stay healthy throughout your life you should take oral Vitamin D3 5,000 miu per day.   The Actions of Vitamin D3: We have already listed the important job of supporting your immune system to prevent infection and cancer.  The addition Vitamin D supports Muscle and bone.  Without Vitamin D, children get a disease of soft bones that bow their legs and prevent normal height, called Ricketts. It was common in the early industrial age when children were kept inside factories all day long to work instead of playing outside.  Adults we must have Vitamin D to keep our muscles strong, and our bones thick.  Muscle and bone are in a state of homeostasis which means they are growing and breaking down all of the time.  If breakdown is more rapid than growth the bones become thin and are apt to break.  The other necessary elements to keep bone and muscle strong are Calcium, Magnesium Vitamin C, and Vitamin K2. For optimal skeletal muscle (which includes the heart) you have to have adequate vitamin D levels in your blood. For example, patients in a recent study increased their muscle fiber size by taking 4,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 a day. They also made more Type II muscle fibers which are responsible for rising from a chair or lifting things over your head. Type two muscles are located in your hips, back and shoulders.  Another study showed the just 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 increased muscle strength by 25%, without any other changes in diet or activity.  Muscle training and exercise are also important, but you won’t get the results from just taking Vitamin D, or exercise alone, that you would if you take Vitamin D3 + Exercise + Testosterone. If you are over 50 and don’t exercise while you take Vitamin D and replace Testosterone with pellets. Type 2 Diabetes also affects 50% of our population, primarily from eating too many carbs, without exercising, but low vitamin D contributes to the development of diabetes and obesity as well. All people who are Insulin Resistant, who have Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes should be taking 5,000 MIU of vitamin D3 a day.   Summary: The easiest and cheapest way to prevent heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and dementia, among others because it improves your immune system too. If you are Latino, Black, Italian, Israeli, or Greek, in, fact if your genetics are from any country around the Mediterranean, or just have dark skin, you must take Vitamin D3 to stay healthy! It is over the counter and relatively cheap.  You should take Vitamin D3 in oil-capsule form for good absorption. Remember….Taking Vitamin D3 doesn’t replace going outside for sun absorption.  It is in addition to being in the sun! Sunscreen prevents Vitamin D3 absorption.   Vitamin D may cut heart disease risk in dark-skinned adults A study to be presented at the Experimental Biology 2021 virtual meeting found that taking vitamin D supplements may help people with dark skin, including African Americans, to reduce their risk for heart disease.”Promoting adequate vitamin D status in young, otherwise healthy adults may improve nitric oxide availability and blood vessel function, and thereby serve as a prophylactic to reduce risk of future development of hypertension or cardiovascular disease," says researcher Tony Wolf.  Full Story: Medical Dialogues (4/27) 
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    Healthcast 574 – Why do you need a Colonoscopy? To make sure you don’t die of Colon Cancer!


    See all the Healthcast at Colon Cancer is the third most common malignancy in the US and is something you don’t want to get and there are many ways to test you to see if you have pre-cancer, cancer or polyps which are also risks for cancer.  They advertise these tests that you can do yourself by testing your own poop.  My family physician daughter advises our patients that those tests do not adequately test for pre-cancer or colon cancer.  They might find a cancer, but they will miss more than they find. 90% of Colon cancers are diagnosed after age 50. The incidence of colon cancer in the US is 4.2% and if there is a family history in a close relative before the age of 50, the incidence doubles to 8.4%. What makes a person high risk other than family history? Personal history of adenomas (polyps) on colonoscopy Large adenomas (more than 1 cm) Multiple adenomas Flat adenomas that are difficult to remove Adenomas that have precancerous lesions Ulcerative colitis increased the risk dramatically Colon cancer can progress without many signs therefore it is important to get a colonoscopy under sedation when you are 50. After that, depending on your risk factors your doctor will tell you how often you will need surveillance. Now, as for the other tests that you can do at home in between colonoscopies, my favorite is the stool guaiac test looking for microscopic blood. This blood doesn’t look red and is not visible.  I used to do vaginal and rectal exams at the same time during gyn exams and would test the stool on my glove for microscopic blood (the guaiac test) by taking the sample, smearing it on a card and dropping a drop of developer on it.  If it turns blue, there is microscopic blood and possibly cancer.   I rarely had a positive, but if I did, a referral was made for a colonoscopy, and it was about 50% positive in my testing experience. The same test at home can be done on 3 successive stool samples and this should be a good test to do at home.  They have just come out with a FIT test (fecal immunochemical test) that tests for DNA mutations of colon cells.  It is more sensitive and accurate than Guaiac test but not as accurate as a colonoscopy.  It was determined that the best frequency was 2 x a year. As it stands the colonoscopy is the best test, but it requires sedation and an invasive procedure, however low risk.  I still recommend a colonoscopy at 50 and every 10 years thereafter.  Soon I am sure this FIT do at home test will be recommended frequently to lower the number of Colonoscopies, as a matter of cost saving. High risk individuals should continue with colonoscopies until the recommendations change. Prevention is my recommendation: Eat a fresh salad every day Drink more than 10 -8 oz glasses of water daily Alcohol and sodas to a minimum. Probiotics daily Vitamin D, and Vitamin C Report changes in your stool to your PCP Report any obvious blood in your stool to your PCP Double probiotics whenever you need to take a course of antibiotics.
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    Healthcast 573 - Osteoporosis—Why do we look for new drugs when old hormones work well?


    See all the Healthcast at Osteoporosis is a side effect of aging and is one of the diseases that affects aging women more than aging men.  Osteoporosis can lead to fractures of fragile bones, spinal stenosis, chronic back pain, and inability to walk or take care of ones-self. In the aging population it is one of the diseases that leads to women being admitted to nursing homes. The disease occurs in women more than men for two reasons. Bone thickness is stimulated by the hormones estradiol and testosterone, and testosterone builds bone better than estradiol. Men have ten times as much of it than women!  Therefore, men have stronger bones to begin with, before their testosterone starts to drop, and men never totally lose testosterone like women do!  The second reason is that women lose both testosterone and estradiol earlier and more completely than men lose testosterone, so their bones start to thin over a decade before men.  Osteoporosis is a women’s disease and the cause of many women’s deaths. A bit about how bones grow: Your bones are dynamic and always growing and breaking down.  When we are young our bones grow at a much more rapid rate than they break down.  They are under the stimulation of growth hormone and low doses of sex hormones as well.  After age 40 the breakdown process occurs at a faster rate than the building of bone unless testosterone and estradiol are replaced. I bet you thought your bones stopped growing when you reached your adult height, and were static…doing nothing until they started to dissolve? When I went to medical school, (late 1970s) we knew that hormone loss was the cause of osteoporosis, but it was not such an epidemic as it is today. In the 70’s, women were routinely given estrogens when they went through menopause and stayed on them for years, which counteracted their loss of bone. Result? No osteoporosis! We didn’t even need to look for a solution for osteoporosis because women didn’t get it!  The reason the use of estrogens ended was that they were given without progesterone, and some women got uterine cancer from un-opposed estrogen. It is a generally a very treatable cancer, but the use of estrogen was banned because like all governmental medical decisions, the US government overreacted to a small subset of women getting uterine cancer instead of looking for a way to give estradiol safely.  The resultant ban of the use of estrogen resulted in a current epidemic of osteoporosis.   In the 1990’s the people that control medicine in the US realized the danger of osteoporosis to women and the drug companies created drugs to treat it!  Instead of using the best treatment for osteoporosis, estrogen and now we know testosterone, they reinvented the wheel and created bisphosphonates, Fosamax an Alendronate.  These drugs have many side effects, but we have found over time that the only thing that these drugs do for bones is to make them look denser on Xray, but they are NOT stronger!  What a mess!  This disease is very slow to cause fractures therefore finding out that bisphosphonates don’t work to prevent fractures!  The drugs however did make billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies! Now we are in another century, and we have discovered that treating women with Estradiol and testosterone is the best treatment to prevent fracture!  An old trick that should have been found decades ago and saved many lives. My patients can improve their bone density in 2-3 years on E2+ T pellets, from osteopenia (mild thinning of the bones) to normal.  It takes a little longer with patients who have overt osteoporosis, but it works.  Some patients depend on Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to treat their osteoporosis after menopause.  That is really just fooling yourself!   These two nutrients are necessary for bone growth and should be taken with the two hormones, but after menopause without hormones, they don’t make bone.  It is like putting plant food in the potted plant and putting the plant in the closet.  Hormones are the sun that make bones grow. I know about this problem intimately because my mother the herbalist refused to take estradiol after menopause.  She literally died in excruciating pain because her vertebrae collapsed and there was no bone left to repair her.  She had to wait for death in hospice because her bones had dissolved. So, what if you are under the delusion that because you have dark eyes, dark skin, and dark hair you have great bones?  Nope….your coloring doesn’t necessarily determine your bone density! My mother had osteoporosis and was blond with blue eyes, however I look like my dad but have my mom’s bones! Add Lupron for endometriosis, too many diet cokes, and no Vitamin D3 in my diet and you get Osteoporosis in my 40s!  At age 47 I was treated with T and E2 pellets and two years after that my hormones built my bones back to normal density!  I knew bisphosphonates didn’t work so I never would have taken them…I also didn’t prescribe them unless I couldn’t treat a patient with anything else! So, if you think that you can use supplements to build bone after age 40, or that you are immune because of what you look like, or your heritage, think again.  The only guarantee to prevent osteoporosis and dying like my mom or of a broken hip is to replace the hormones that you had when you were young!
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    Healthcast 572 - Testosterone Treats Unexpected Diseases and Symptoms


    See all the Healthcast at Testosterone treats many illnesses in addition to sexual dysfunction.  Most patients and doctors don’t associate testosterone with the anxiety and depression that occurs after age 40.  Depression is a direct side effect of low T.  T is a mood elevator and stimulates Seratonin production, improving mood in that way.  Many of our patients can decrease the dose of antidepressants or even go off their medications after they have been on T for more than 4 months.  I always ask my patients to ask their “depression doctor”, who prescribed the antidepressant, to help them wean off. A side note: I do not recommend decreasing or stopping antidepressants during the fall, because we live in the Midwest and there is very little sunlight at our latitude between September to February, so I ask that they don’t change their antidepressant during those months.  Remember testosterone if you develop depression after the age of 40.   Testosterone also treats anxiety in both men and women by lowering FSH and LH, the pituitary hormones that surge after T and Estradiol decrease with age.  Many men come in to see me for low T and ED, who have recently been prescribed Xanax or some other antianxiety drug that is not working for their anxiety.  However, when I treat them with testosterone pellets, they miraculously are cured of their anxiety!  Women generally have hot flashes from elevated FSH/LH, however some of them have anxiety as well.  Women are cured of their anxiety attacks, with T pellets plus or minus Estradiol.   Other conditions that are improved when I treat my patients of both sexes with T pellets is Insulin resistance, AODM, and weight gain.  T improves insulin resistance and increases the calorie burning in the muscles.  You burn most of your calories every day in your muscles and T facilitates the metabolic work in the muscle tissue.  With testosterone, you literally burn more calories by jut breathing (your Basal Metabolic Rate). T increases your muscle’s activity by burning more calories of fat and stabilizes your blood sugar.  Our patients lose fat, gain muscle mass, and become more insulin sensitive with T pellets.  Those with diabetes decrease their medication over time and have a lot more energy…the natural way…by activating their muscles!   Immune dysfunction occurs when you age and is why older people need a higher dosage of immunizations, and why they die of viruses that younger people don’t die of. Your immune system is controlled by your thymus gland which makes white cells called T killer cells, T helper cells that kill cancer cells and viruses.   B cells make antibodies. The thymus and its function is growth hormone and testosterone dependent.  As growth hormone and T decrease, the gland shrinks and by age 50, and by age 60 it can’t be seen and stops doing its job of protecting us.  By taking testosterone, growth hormone is stimulated, and the thymus gland grows and is active making these cells that protect us.  There is a peptide that stimulates the thymus for those people who don’t fully respond to Testosterone, called Thymosin alpha-1.  This is a communication peptide that stimulates the production of protective immune cells.  It has been around forever as a medication, but no one used it because it doesn’t have a big drug company behind it…so it is available at compounding pharmacies. The FDA has started to stamp it out across the US, for no apparent reason. It improves immunity to all infections.  In this time of pandemic, this drug should be applauded and not taken off the market!  What are they thinking?   Autoimmune diseases occur when your immune system, your T Cells and B Cells, become confused and instead of killing viruses and bacteria, attack your own healthy tissue.  This imbalance occurs secondary to a genetic weakness as well as exposure to infections that “look like” normal tissue.  Testosterone deficiency causes an unstable immune system and leaves the door open for autoimmune diseases. I was very surprised when my patients with autoimmune diseases like RA, Lupus, and Sarcoidosis, improved drastically after they got T for completely different indications!  I then researched this association between T and Autoimmune diseases and found that there is a lot of research that proves T is an excellent treatment and prevention for autoimmune diseases.    Migraine Headaches response to T replacement, were another surprise for me.  As I treated sexual dysfunction in women, they came in to see me and said: “The weirdest thing occurred after I got my pellets…I stopped having the incapacitating migraines I used to get!  This is an amazing two-for….I have stopped taking my migraine medicine!” .  Once again, I went to the research and found that hormonal migraines can be treated with non-oral testosterone.  The migraines that are triggered by food additive and weather changes are usually not improved, but women have hormonal imbalance migraines, and T works for that.  Why?  Testosterone is a modulating hormone for many systems, but in this circumstance, it is working in the brain to balance the neurotransmitters and the vasodilation chemicals that get “confused” when it is deficient, and the effects of E2 increased and dilated blood vessels. PMS is another problem that is improved with testosterone.  PMS affects every part of a woman’s body…It is the outcome of estrogen dominance with a progesterone deficiency.  This era of a woman’s life can occur at any time in her life; however, it is much worse during after age 40.  Why is that?  Because after 40, testosterone becomes deficient, estrogen is dominant, and ovulation becomes spotty which is the function that produces progesterone.   Weakness and loss of strength occurs after age 40 in women and some men, and this is directly due to the loss of Testosterone and the decrease of T free.  This dominos to a less active person, and this results in osteoporosis and frailty.  Here is a news flash…Frailty is the one thing that will cause a person to become dependent on others and unable to live independently!  Losing muscle is not what you want!  Testosterone prevents frailty, by directly stimulating muscle mass and strength, including the heart, which is a muscle, and by stimulating growth hormone which also builds muscle and bone! You get so much more than a good sex life (Which should be good enough) when you replace your T .  Health is a precious commodity, and it should be a priority for you!  Life with health is the only way to age…consider replacing your T in the safest way possible— T pellets are my choice, but please replace missing T in any way you can.

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