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The Minute: Rigorous Design Decisions with Kate Donahue

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Meghan continues our The Minute conversations around how to start with design. Kate Donahue, Head of Product Marketing at Pitch, talks about how they were rigorous about the design decisions before they even had a product in the market.

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    The Rise of Mindfulness Apps with Frank Bach, Lead Product Designer at Headspace


    You’ve probably heard of, or even used, the widely popular mindfulness app Headspace. And even if you haven’t used the product to meditate, it’s likely you’ve encountered the brand elsewhere—through its Netflix series, perhaps, or through partnerships with other health products. Frank Bach, lead product designer at Headspace, has been part of the company’s growth for the last five years. He reflects on how the Headspace brand made mindfulness mainstream, and looks to the horizon for how Headspace will provide users with more support & guidance around mental health.
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    Establishing Generational Health for Black Families with Tiffany Whitlow, NOWINCLUDED Co-Founder


    What do you do when your voice isn’t recognized by the healthcare industry? From a lack of Black physicians to clinical trials not having enough Black participants, the odds are stacked against Black patients seeking care from a system that wasn’t built for them. Tiffany Whitlow co-founded the product NOWINCLUDED as a new answer to this systemic problem—one that hopes to build “generational health” for Black families everywhere. As Tiffany explores in this episode, NOWINCLUDED creates real change by serving as a digital community where individuals can share their healthcare stories with industry leaders looking to make more inclusive decisions.
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  • Better Product podcast

    Closing the Gap in Neurological Health Care with Elizabeth Burstein, CEO of Neura Health


    When Elizabeth Burstein began enduring chronic migraines, she struggled to find access to quality care when she needed it most. Like the thousands of other people with serious neurological conditions, connecting with professionals who could help was a persistent challenge. So she and her partners founded Neura Health, an app that connects patients to neurological health specialists while also empowering them with the education they need to advocate for solutions.  In this episode of Better Product, Elizabeth shares Neura’s plan to scale in communities where neurological health solutions are needed most, helping to close a critical gap in access.
  • Better Product podcast

    Combating the Unspoken Metabolic Health Crisis with David Flinner, Levels Co-Founder


    Metabolic health is the foundation of our bodies; it’s what turns the food we eat into the energy we need to live. But despite playing a huge role in our energy levels, athletic performance, and weight loss goals, metabolism remains little explored as a health topic. That’s why David Flinner decided to co-found the glucose monitoring product Levels. With the help of a wearable armband, Levels users get real-time insights on their unique metabolic processes so they can take action. And as David & Christian explore, Levels is using the power of information to help the public see what’s at stake if metabolic health continues to be ignored.
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    How Aavia Shows ‘Hormones Don’t Discriminate’ with CEO & Co-Founder Aagya Mathur


    Aagya Mathur started her career with the goal of helping people. In high school, she designed artificial arteries for patients; now, she leads the hormone health company Aavia as co-founder & CEO.  Today Aagya is on a mission to demystify hormone health and birth control. She talks about how Aavia’s brand is working to show that “hormones don’t discriminate.” Like metabolism, hormones affect everyone differently, so they present a unique challenge when creating a product that’s meant to help users maintain balance.
  • Better Product podcast

    Big Data & 'Enlightenment As A Product' In The Age Of Health Tech


    We’re kicking off our latest series on Health Tech by exploring the rise of Big Data, wearable tech, and what it means to be “enlightened” by a product.  Often, enlightenment is understood in a spiritual sense; in the age of wearable health tech and personalized digital products, enlightenment is emerging by empowering users with real-time information about their health. Of course, there’s a catch. With more visibility also comes more risk, and product leaders have to consider how their products impact how a person responds to health issues.   Christian & Meghan explore these themes and more in our Health Tech series kick-off ahead of episodes featuring the leaders behind innovative health products, including:  Aagya Mathur, co-founder & CEO of Aavia, a hormone health brand David Flinner, co-founder of the glucose monitoring app Levels Elizabeth Burstein, CEO & co-founder of the virtual neurology clinic Neura Health that helps users manage chronic headaches and migraines Frank Bach, a lead product designer at the widely popular mindfulness app Headspace
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    Unpacking Dollar Shave Club’s “No B.S.” D2C Approach with Tsega Dinka


    You might remember Dollar Shave Club skyrocketing to popularity after they released a viral video and embraced a “no B.S.” approach to business. As one of the first major D2C brands, the company used insights they gained at the front of the pack to pioneer a budding industry. In many ways, how we understand D2C today is thanks to DSC.  Tsega Dinka, recently vice president of digital product at Dollar Shave Club, was there for it all as one of the company’s first product managers. On Better Product, he reflects on how the experience taught him to align product and non-product teams and what’s required to build an inclusive brand people will remember.
  • Better Product podcast

    Boardable’s Krista Martin on Representation & the Future of Non-Profits


    Non-profit boards are experiencing a culture shift. For the first time, many boards are leaning into virtual formats, creating new opportunities for more people to get involved.  Krista Martin, vice president of growth at Boardable, examines these changes every day in her work. She explains how the movement to online will make boards more accessible, and more accountable, to the communities they serve.  Takeaways:  Non-profit boards are entering a period of transition.  Transparency on boards often comes down to making the right info available.  Boardable is evolving as a product to help boards rethink how they operate.  Things To Listen For: [0:55] What Boardable is and why the product focuses on non-profits [1:54] The traditional way boards meet  [3:05] How going fully virtual forced boards to change  [4:00] How Boardable’s internal experiences with hybrid work informed the product [5:35] Why boards today are facing a “culture shift”  [6:10] Boardable product features that level the playing field for involvement  [7:08] Why context is everything in virtual board meetings  [7:40] Virtual board meetings create opportunities for community engagement  [8:40] Krista’s personal experience serving on a board as a young mother [10:00] Why non-profit boards should reflect the communities they serve [11:30] How to create a “board culture” [14:10] An exploration of Boardable’s product features  [17:30] The challenges to creating diversity on non-profit boards  [18:10] Technology can’t solve all problems, but it can introduce change faster
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    Creating a Frictionless D2C Experience with Liana Herrera, Bottomless


    Solving your own problems can be a shortcut to discovering a need in the market. Liana Herrera, Co-founder of Bottomless, recognized an opportunity to disrupt the coffee industry while working through her own frustrating experiences. She joins us to share her journey and how her team is transforming the world one cup of coffee at a time. Liana’s learned several critical lessons that can apply to any tech company, from the importance of the customer experience in shaping your brand to keeping your vision simple. Takeaways:  Solving personal problems can lead to a market opportunity  Your brand is more than your product – it’s the experience. Stay focused on your goals  Things to Listen For: [02:00] The problems that inspired Bottomless [05:30] Differentiating from other coffee subscriptions [07:30] Early problems in the business [09:30] Opportunities to improve D2C engagement [10:30] Creating a frictionless experience [12:00] Customer experience influences your brand [13:00] Removing negative emotions  [14:00] Imagining the perfect experience [16:00] Experience-oriented tech [17:00] Staying focused on your goals [17:45] Building a sensor-enabled marketplace [19:00] Measuring success through retention [20:00] Experimenting to grow [21:30] Surprises throughout Liana’s journey [23:30] Trends in growth channels [26:00] Looking toward the future of Bottomless
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    Staying Curious and Examining the Failures of D2C with Ben Clark, Casper


    Ben Clark is the Chief Technology Officer of the leading D2C mattress company Casper Sleep. As a senior tech leader of a popular D2C brand, Ben says it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve and set trends. For him, the key to success in D2C is simple: stay curious and examine your failures.  A lot of context switching comes with managing digital products for a physical products company. To navigate it, Ben and the Casper team embrace elegant simplicity, both in their products and strategy.  Ben shows us that great ideas can come from anywhere. At Casper, he’s seen that true innovation involves cross-functional collaboration and open conversations.

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