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Beautiful Life with Judy Torres

Judy Torres

Actor, Singer, Radio Personality, and Certified Master Life Coach Judy Torres is here to provide insight, advice, and a different perspective on the bumps in the road we sometimes let keep us from following our path towards a beautiful life. Listen in as she discusses topics with callers, while offering an outside opinion on how to take control of the given situation. Also, memes of the week, other questions and of course a musical interlude performed by Judy herself to tie the entire week's themes together. Wish to be on the show? Email (serious inquiries for coaching only).

30 Episodes

  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    12: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 12 - Dealing with Internet Trolls with Tre Deuce of TKA


    Do you ever notice that when you post on social media, it opens up a world of opinions and comments?  Some are also unwelcome, and those are the ones that sting us the most.  In this edition, Tre Deuce of TKA talks with Judy about a recent issue he encountered on his social media feed, and how it was handled.  Of course Wilhelmina offers her Meme of the Week, but Poochie is in a situation of her own... find out what happens, and a freestyle fix always adds to a Beautiful Life! 
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    11: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 11 - Life After PTSD with JW Cortes


    Actor, Veteran, and Philanthropist JW Cortes as seen on the hit TV series Gotham, among many other roles, joins Judy to discuss finding his career and pursuing his life long passion as a way to recover from PTSD.  JW served our country, and shares his story of how he went through PTSD, addiction, and how it lead him to his dream job as well as becoming the president of an incredible non-for-profit foundation!  JW a huge freestyle freak talks music and culture with Judy including In The Heights!  It's a great conversation, that so many can benefit from.  Keep it tuned to find out how you can support The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation by meeting both Judy and JW at a special upcoming event... and of course, Wilhelmina and Poochie!  This is most definitely and episode you won't want to miss!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

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  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    10: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 10 - Narcissism or Not?


    Back after a mid-season hiatus, Judy speaks to listener Alexandra Pena from Orlando, Florida.  The question is... has Alexandra truly encountered issues with Narcissism in relationships or not?  What about you?  If you think this may be you, then this is the episode that you need to hear, in order to evaluate YOUR Beautiful Life. PLUS... Poochie and Wilhelmina are back after a hiatus too!  Find out which FREESTYLE THROWBACK Judy picks for all Freestyle Freaks to unite to!  It's all that, and so much more.  NEXT EDITION: We feature special guest, Actor, Singer, Veteran and Philanthropist JW Cortes!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    9: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 9 - Gratitude as an Attitude with Soave!


    Freestyle Legend and friend of Judy's for over 30+ years talks gratitude as an attitude, plus his music career, and how it all began with him and Judy. Poochie also catches word that her favorite freestyle heart throb is on the show, so she definitely makes it interesting, as does Wilhelmina. It's all of that and so much more. Don't miss this episode!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    8: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 8 - Mommy Dearest!


    The Best of Beautiful Life with Judy Torres! In this special edition, we revisit some of those deep conversations pertaining moms. We share highlights from Carmela (Season 1), Michelle (Season 2), and author/actress April Hernandez-Castillo (Season 2). Judy offers guidance, support, and of course great advice to those we've had over the last season and a half that came on the show to discuss their lives and mothers. PLUS... Producer Vinnie also has a special Mother's Day surprise for Judy, so do not miss it! Poochie and Wilhelmina are pampering their mother's this weekend at an all expenses paid resort, but they will be back next edition, and so will Judy!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    7: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 7 - Handling Abandonment


    How does one find peace after the struggle of abandonment? Better yet, what if the person returns to your life, and doesn't take responsibility or seek forgiveness after abandoning you? Well, that is exactly the case in this weeks edition. Find out how Judy approaches this concern of Michele from Sunny Side Queens. PLUS - Poochie and Wilhelmina always offer a little something extra to spice up the show.
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    6: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 6 - Something's Missing...


    Why do your twenties feel like you have no clue what's wrong? Why do you feel like something is missing, but can't quite put your finger on it? What's the solution? How do you handle it? Well, Judy answers those questions and more with Priscilla, a 25-year-old Registered Nurse from Staten Island, NY who is currently experiencing these feelings. PLUS a visit from our friends Wilhelmina and Poochie! Don't miss it, and leave a review!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    5: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 5 - Loyalty with Dolores Catania!


    We wrap our two powerhouse episodes of Women's Month with a super-sized edition, talking loyalty, relationships, and all things Real Housewives of New Jersey with cast member, and philanthropist Dolores Catania! This conversation is one for the record books, and it all goes down in this special edition of Beautiful Life with Judy Torres... PLUS - our favorites Poochie and Wilhelmina are also big RHONJ fans, and they have no problem letting Judy know it!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    4: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 4 - Friendship and Freestyle!


    March is all about Women's History and Women's Empowerment! This week is the first of two powerhouse episodes! In this edition, Judy is proud to welcome her first in studio guest since the pandemic hit. We are proud to feature Sabrina Nieves-Byrne of the legendary Cover Girls! Not only have Judy and her shared the stage many times, but they share a great friendship. The ladies weigh in on the topic of what makes a great friendship, and what simply isn't going to fly! PLUS... it's a FREESTYLE FREE FOR ALL! So join us along with Wilhelmina and Poochie, and let's see just how beautiful of a life and friendship that Judy and Sabrina share!
  • Beautiful Life with Judy Torres podcast

    3: Beautiful Life with Judy Torres: Season 2 Edition 3 - Silencing the Enemy Within!


    How do you silence something that is the loudest, especially when it comes from within? Well, join Judy and newly discovered author Marsha Rene, who takes us on her 17 year journey of sobriety. It was not easy, in fact there were moments of absolute noise! Pull up a chair and a cup of coffee or tea, and get ready to go on a rollercoaster ride through a story where survival is the only choice. PLUS - Poochie's quest for love is coming down to the wire... was it successful or a total bust? There's also a surprise for Judy as part of the 25th anniversary of WKTU, and Wilhelmina drops by. It's all that and so much more, as we bring you a Beautiful Life!

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