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The Beatles 1963 author Dafydd Rees, LiVE talk, Sunday 5 February

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This Sunday Larry will be interviewing Dafydd Rees, author of THE BEATLES 1963. Anyone and everyone is welcome to listen to the live stream. Full event information is now up, here:

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Once you access the LiVE TALK event page you'll see a link to the start/end times in world time zones. And you'll see a link to join live as an audience member. Audience members remain private and muted. You can hear us, though! And it's nice to know you're there!

If you can't listen live on Sunday, you can listen to the archived audio once we upload it (maybe next week).

Our LiVE TALK this Sunday promises to be a great one.

For Britons of a certain age, it was an unforgettable year. For the rest of the world, this is like a prequel!

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