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At the end of 1962 we look ahead to an historic winter freeze that immobilized most Britons for three months. But it was a great time to be the Beatles. ‘Love Me Do’ had been released on 5 October 1962. It had quite a ride on the UK Singles Chart, moving up and down and ultimately topping out at #17. The impressive fact about the Beatles’ first release was that it remained on the charts for 18 weeks. That was longer than most top ten or even top five singles stayed on. During those eighteen weeks, our boys and Brian Epstein remained as busy as ever.

In this episode, we’ll talk about some more pieces of the puzzle during the ‘proto-mania’ days — the period before UK Beatlemania took hold. There was a change in music publishers in hopes that the Beatles would get some better promotion. As ‘Love Me Do’ remained on the charts, there were more and more radio and television appearances for the group. We talk about those things as well as give a brief introduction to the next periods in Beatles development, leading all the way up to February of 1964. Guest: Rob Geurtsen.

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