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[Double Episode] From Indra to Ed: early Beatles' development from 1960 to the end of 1963

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1962 was clearly an important year for the Beatles. They got signed, finalized their line-up, and even released their first single. But it was still prologue. 1963 would be the year that UK Beatlemania would explode. The Beatles would tour, get significant radio and TV exposure, and reach #1 on the UK Singles Chart, EP Chart, and Album Chart. November would bring the Royal Command Performance, and they would soon be looking to 1964, Ed Sullivan, and Worldwide Beatlemania.


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In this episode of The Beatles60 Podcast, which we’re calling 'From Indra to Ed,' Andy and Larry look all the way back to Hamburg in 1960 and move forward to 1962 and just beyond, previewing the rise of Beatlemania. We talk about shows, tours, crowd levels and the press as we press through seven segments (intervals within 1963) we’ve identified as important in tracking The Beatles’ rise to the top of entertainment pages and then to the front page. In Britain, 1963 will become known as 'the year of the Beatles.' We offer a way to remember how the year 1963 progressed with the exponential growth of 'mania.'

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