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The Bear Arms Podcast is about anything and everything related to the firearms industry. The goal of the show is to bring an interesting, engaging, fun, and lighthearted podcast to all types of gun lovers out there regardless of skill level, ownership, or preferences. We are all supporters of the second amendment and it's time we acted like it.

82 Episodes

  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 83 - We've Missed You


    The Bear Arms podcast has been MIA for a few weeks so we wanted to let you guys know we are still alive and kicking! Catch up with Tom and Jace to hear what they've been up to lately in episode 83 of the Bear Arms Podcast!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 82 - The Miracle of Product Development


    Taking a product from an idea on paper to the final result is an incredible undertaking. In this episode of the Bear Arms Podcast we hear from SilencerCo's own Jake Turnblom who discusses his experience working in the R&D department and explains to us the amazing journey all products must take before they ever get into customer's hands.
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

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  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 81 - The Remington Auction


    Did you hear the news yet? Remington Outdoor was broken up and sold to a handful of top bidders! Find out who got what, as well as how dedicated Florida Man is for whole milk, in this week's episode of the Bear Arms Podcast!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 80 - How SilencerCo Utilizes 3D Printing


    The use of 3D printing has been exponentially growing in the world of manufacturing. Find out how SilencerCo utilized this technology to help develop the Maxim 9!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 79 - Is the Hudson 9 Coming Back!?


    Episode 79 is bittersweet. It may be Tom's last episode for the rest of the year, that's the bad news. The good news is that the Hudson 9 might make a comeback and rise from ashes!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 78 - The 12 Year PMAG Experiment


    Have you ever wondered if it's okay to store ammo inside of a PMAG for long periods of time? How about 12 years? Tom and Jace discuss the incredible experiment conducted by YouTuber "Full Lead Taco" that was over a decade in the making. This and more on episode 78 of the Bear Arms Podcast!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 77 - The SilencerCo AR15 Lower is Here!


    SilencerCo just released an AR15 lower into the wild. Jace and Tom dig into some of the details to find out what sets it apart from the myriad of other options already out there!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 76 - Hornady 6mm ARC


    Another episode and another seemingly random caliber has entered the highly competitive world of precision shooting. Tom and Jace discuss if they are going to be picking up a new rifle chambered in the brand new Hornady 6mm ARC, or if they are going to stick to their boring legacy setups.
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 75 - Suppressor Science: Buffers!


    Jace sits down Jake Turnblom, a member of the SilencerCo R&D team, to discuss what impact different buffer weights have on an AR platform when shooting suppressed. We are gettin' all sciencey up in here!
  • Bear Arms Podcast podcast

    EP 74 - Happy Birthday America!


    Happy 4th of July from all of us at the Bear Arms Podcast! Sit back and enjoy yourself some gun talk. You deserve it!

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