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#112 Kale Nickelson Vol. 4

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Fan-Favorite of the show Kale invites me in and makes the best old fashioned I've ever had before we get down to the dirty, offensive, sense violating, discussion that's alwasy promised when you're talking to this lothario of lust and liquor. Everybody needs someone like him in their life and everytime I witness his social anarchy it reminds me to be a little more authentic, push the envelope, and forget to care what people think. After what I can only quanitfy as my entire life his influence bleeds into the spirit of this show and what I originally set out to do by starting a podcast. Saying the wrong thing at the right time, especially with the right person, will always be my favorite kind of moments to share. Please enjoy the explicit, unfiltered, and unwavering Kale Nickelson. 

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