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Lions Gate Portal - 3 Things You NEED to Know About The 2023 Lions Gateway!

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The Lions Gate Portal is opening! Are you ready? Lions Gate is a time of heightened cosmic energy flowing into the physical from Spirit. 

Learn about the powerful cosmic event that is the Lion's Gateway and discover the top 3 things you need to know about it!

Join me on August 8th, 2023 for an exclusive, premium video livestream experience. Click here to learn more:

The Lions Gate Portal 2023 is open July 28th- August 12th, with the peak of energy on August 8th! 8/8. 

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Are you feeling the Lions Gate Portal energy? 

Learn more about the meaning and significance of the Lions Gateway with a channeling from Metatron about it here:   


Join me LIVE on 8/8 During the Peak Energies of the 2023 Lions Gate Portal here: 

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0:09 - What Is the Lions Gate Portal? 
0:24 - Lions Gate Portal 2023 Dates
2:28 - 8/8 ... The Peak of the Lions Gate Portal
3:18 - Unique Energetic Influences of the 2023 Lions Gateway
3:53 - Lions Gate Livestream on 8/8 at
4:15 - #1. The Effect of the Lions Gateway Wave of Cosmic Light
7:13 - #2. The Most Powerful Manifesting Time of the Year 
9:35- #3. The Lions Gate Portal Opening is a Powerful Time of Reset! 
11:51 - Lions Gate Light Initiation 
12:21 - Lionsgate Oracle Card Reading 
12:35 - Card #1 - Your Heart Chakra Is An Essential Key 
14:40 -  Card #2 - Cosmic Tones of Light

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