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How to Contact Your Spirit Guides - 7 Simple Steps!

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Imagine being able to profoundly connect with your Spirit Guides - this can become your reality as you discover a powerful and effective practice for How to Connect with your Spirit Guide in this video.

Learn a 7 step tried-and-true practice for meeting your spirit guide, and then, close your eyes relax and allow as I guide you through the practice in a short spirit guide meditation so you can connect with the guidance, wisdom, light and frequency of your spirit guides now. 

This practice works, and with effort and dedication, the time you invest to connect with your spirit guide will be rewarded tenfold as you deepen your bond with the spirit world. Your spirit guides are waiting; all you have to do is press play.

Get the FREE Angel Meditation I mention in the video here: 

Ready for more? 

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Or check out this Archangel Invocation for How to Invoke Archangels all around you, this would be a great invocation to use before guiding yourself through the Practice to Connect With Your Spirit Guides:   


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0:00 Intro to Connecting with Your Spirit Guides 
0:29 7 Steps For How to Connect With Spirit Guides and Angels 
0:51 The First Step to Connect With Guides 
1:22 Step 2 - Relax, Breathe, and Call In Light to Support You In Connecting with Spirit
2:34 Free Meditation to Support at 
2:49 Step 3 - Invoke Your Spirit Guides 
4:14 Step 4 - Practice to Connect With Your Spirit Guides
5:40 Open the Key Energy Centers for Spirit Guide Connection
7:20 Step 5 - Breathe and Allow the Connection 
8:12 Meet Your Spirit Guide
8:54 Step 6 - Complete with Gratitude 
9:37 Step 7 - Awareness 
10:03 - Guided Spirit Guide Meditation
20:31 A Moment of Gratitude for All our guides in Spirit 
21:45 Journaling to Receive Spiritual Guidance
22:49 Angel Meditation for Extra Support Connecting

With love, gratitude, and blessings, 


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