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Art Illuminated

Esra Alhamal

Art Illuminated is an art dedicated podcast about traditional art and artists from the Middle East and North Africa

49 Episodes

  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Persian Miniature and Illumination with Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh


    Farkhondeh is an Iranian artist based in London. Her work explores the disciplines of Persian poetry manuscripts, sacred geometry and Persian miniatures: Pictures from this episode on: More on the podcast: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Somali Textiles with Hafza Yusuf


    Hafza Yusuf is a Somali-British textile designer, Art educator and founder of Hafza Studio. Pictures from this episode on More on the podcast: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

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  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Henna and Creative Outlets with Medina Trevathan


    Medina Trevathan is a henna artist and a young creative finding her own creative outlet and artistic voice through henna, embroidery and more. We talk about her journey so far and her life between Moroco, Spain and the UK: Pictures from this episode on More on the podcast: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Woven Textiles with Rezia Wahid


    Rezia Wahid is a woven textile artist and hand weaver specialising in natural yarns. She is inspired by air, light and poetry. We chat about various weaving techniques, exhibiting pieces and community project - Pictures from the episode on + More from the podcast - More from Rezia:
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Realistic Sculptures with Faisal Alahmad


    Faisal Alahmad is a Saudi American sculptor and works with realistic human features and the human form. He tells us about his journey into becoming the talented sculptor he is.  Images are on the podcast's instagram: More about the podcast:   More from Faisal: Faisal on instagram:
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Islamic Geometry and Peace of Mind with Sandy Kurt


    Sandy Kurt has been practicing complex Islamic geometry painted in watercolours for over 5 years and she shares how she learnt and continue to practice her art on this episode. Episode's picture on more on the podcast on - Follow Sandy: - More from Sandy: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Painting the Palestinian Identity with Sliman Mansour


    Sliman Mansour is an iconic figure in contemporary Arab art and in the Palestinian Intifadh. He is a political artist representing the Palestinian identity with his beautiful depiction of cultural symbols.   Find his on instagram:  Pictures from today's episode on  More on the podcast: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Detailed Paintings with Rebecca Campbell


    Rebecca Campbell lives and works in London. She trained as an illustrator and this has led to her unique, narrative style of work. Her paintings have been described as “delightful, enigmatic and highly imaginative. Pictures from the podcast on and Rebecca's work: +  Podcast info: 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Contemporary Embroidery with Sarah K. Benning


    Sarah K. Benning is an artist and DIY designer working within the realm of contemporary embroidery. She creates of one of a kind hand stitched artworks and thoughtfully designed DIY kits and digital embroidery patterns. More from Sarah: and on instagram: Photos from the episode: More about the podcast: + 
  • Art Illuminated podcast

    Ottoman Illumination with Dilara Yarcı Diniz


    Dilara is a master Turkish illuminator who specialises in Ottoman illumination and painting with gold. Pictures from the episode on Dilara's website: Find Dilara on Instagram: - Podcast details: 

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