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Hooray! Your family is heading for delight. April Eight Songs & Stories is a charming original fairytale podcast series for the whole family. Listen together as a lovely green world of wonder full of humble gnomes, sparkling fairies and grouchy trolls, mischievous woodland creatures and magical butterflies who are more than they appear to be, take you on adventures where everyday kids, tricky witches, lost crowns and fearless queens encounter magical potions and wondrous journeys. Giggle, laugh out loud, think a little deeper, hold your breath, smile – and get ready for your kids to say, “Play it again!” For on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, unexpected heroes take the day in pursuit of life’s simple truth: Love conquers all and will always find a way. Start with Episode 1, and let the fun roll on from there. Subscribe today and never miss a story!

59 Episodes

  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    STORY: Mookie and the Magic Egg


    “'What do you think it is? It’s getting so big!' Mookie asked Larken as they sat in the basement, staring at the egg." Welcome to Episode 59, "Mookie and the Magic Egg". A gentle, magical tale for innocent ears. Perfect for bedtime, snack-time, dinner-time, car-time, anytime you need a sweet, funny, entertaining tale told. April Eight, Waldorf teacher and "world-class" storyteller, shares her original fairytales to delight and enchant the whole family.   
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    "A Lullaby Episode Because April Eight is Feeling Sleepy"


    Hello, my friends! April Eight has a little lullaby for you because she's so sleepy, she thought you might be too. It's a special song to say goodnight. "We stayed up late, we sang songs, it was great, and we told our stories to the stars..."  April has been writing songs and stories and sharing them with you for five years. It's Your Turn! Make a contribution to the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast and help to keep it up and running. You can Buy April a cup of Coffee or Contribute Here Today!
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

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  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    It's April the Eighth and It's My Birthday!


    I’m having a birthday party and guess who’s here? My Kids Listen podcasting pals from Stoopkids, Dorktales Storytime, Newsy Jacuzzi, Noodle Loaf, At Your Level, The Good Word, Little News Ears, Story On, and Buttons & Figs! You might want to bring your slide whistle!   
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    SONG: Swinging on a Star


    A Giggle-Along Song from April Eight's childhood, "Swinging on a Star". A funny old-fashioned tune, with a few updated lyrics. Featuring my ukulele! The chorus is, "Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, and be better off than you are? Or would you rather be a...?" Perfect for bedtime, snacktime, car time, or bathtime. Find out more at aprileight.com or on Instagram at @aprileightsongsandstories. 
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    Fairy, Pixie and Gnome Storytime Questions


    April Eight has a fairytale riddle for you today and a few answers to some questions I have received from a gnome in Canada, a pixie in Ireland. And, a happy birthday to a fairy friend whose party I just could not get to plus a hint at what the next story might just be about… If you have a question from your children, send them to me on Facebook facebook.com/aprileight or on Instagram @aprileightsongsandstories or Twitter @aprileightmusic. Find out more at aprileight.com The April Eight Podcast is perfect at bedtime, bathtime or anytime you and your children need a story. 
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    STORY - Larken and the Troll


    Larken and the Troll is an original fairytale for all-ages. “And so, there was Larken, covered in mud, shivering at the back door, socks wet, rain boots lost in a mud puddle and his raincoat who knows where… All his mother could think of to say was, “Larken, you look like a wet rat!” And Larken explained to her, well, he tried at least, over the top of his mug of peppermint tea she’d made for him as he sat by the fire warming up, that it was all on account of a troll. “A TROLL?” Said his mother… Let April Eight’s “magical voice” tell your family a tale both ancient and new.  “We absolutely love April Eight Stories!” - Lynnsey P.  Come find all the goodness at aprileight.com
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    Ep 53: SONG: "The Witchy Sing-Along Song"


    Roxie tells a not-really-a-story story about her Halloween past. Of course, like any good witch, the Which Witch likes Halloween so much she wrote a whole song about it – “The Witchy Sing-Along Song”! Find April Eight at -  instagram.com/aprileightsongsandstories facebook.com/aprileight aprileight.com And join the April Eight Patreon for lessons and songs, bonus stories, excerpts from April's YA novel, and more - https://www.patreon.com/AprilEight  
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    Ep. 52 SONG: The Cuckoo and the Donkey


    Today's episode features a traditional, and funny, German song, called the "Cuckoo and the Donkey". Roxie has a bit to say about it... Also, you'll hear the bird songs of the second graders in my class at the Cincinnati Waldorf School! Send me your bird call audio or video online on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (IG is my favorite) and I just might feature it in a future episode - I'll find it with the hashtag #a8lovesme - because you know I do! Find out more at aprileight.com
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    STORY 4 of the Lost Fairy Series, "The Forgotten Star"


    The prince took a step forward. He was just about to speak the magic spell... the magic spell that might just get him his great fairy friend Faith back. What a journey our Fairy Prince Orion has been on. And in today's tale, he knocks on the door of someone who doesn't get a lot of visitors. Who could it be? You'll find out in today's episode, the final story of The Lost Fairy Series.  For more go to aprileight.com
  • April Eight Songs & Stories podcast

    Ep. 50 Oh No! April’s Dog Roxie Takes Over the Podcast!


    Well, it looks like Roxie, April’s dog, and podcasting sidekick, is taking over the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast because, no really, April’s daughters have accidentally turned her into a gnome! But no worries, Roxie has all sorts of brilliant songs and, uh, interesting stories to share. What happens next is anybody’s guess but Roxie's having a blast because she's a dog and dogs are awesome. 

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