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EP 81: Whole Human Leadership with Oren Shai

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For today episode, our guest will be Oren Shai: He is the Founder of HOHU (Whole-Human Leadership Development) created for courageous business leaders and teams who refuse to compartmentalize themselves. HOHU is an embodied leadership development company that offers a proven way to meet the needs of the moment with awareness, alignment, and aliveness. Oren is also a Somatic (body-based) leadership coach to Founders/CXOs of fast-growing startups and leaders within large tech companies who are committed to modeling authentic, aware, and empowering leadership. He has Over a decade of experience developing people within hyper-growth companies, and a Master's in Organizational Psychology. And he has Applied team performance and done collaboration research with top universities. Join us as we discuss: Being in relationship from true love (and the difference between that and a trauma bond)  Working with our own control patterns  Creating space in our body to say the truth  Cultivating our ability to be with reality  What it means to Oren and me to live an embodied life  Creating magic and presence in every moment    Download my Guide: 'Stop Overanalyzing: 5 Hot Secrets to Get Out of Your Head and Get What You Want':   Check out my Instagram here:   Learn more about what "the feminine" is here at my website: Join Cocoon, my 6 month fully embodied femenine experience: Sign up for a Desire Call with me to get in touch with what you want:   Oren’s Freebie:   Oren’s Website:   Oren’s Instagram: @embody.change Oren’s LinkedIn:

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