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Interview with Olyveya Mazier @olyveya

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The conversation between 2/4 pure Manifesting Generator Olyveya Mazier and myself started when I sent her a DM on instagram asking her if I could run her bodygraph to see if she is a first color determination. Her instagram name at the time was @carnivoreballerina and she was tracking her health journey as she moved towards a VERY simple diet that is heavy in animal products. Olyveya has a defined spleen and a defined heart through the Channel of Surrender like I do, and we both digest animal products very well, especially ruminant animals. She had a yes for me running her chart and we discovered she is in fact a first color determination - Alternating! 

We talk about detoxing, mold poisoning, skin issues, ballet, pain, working through discomfort, travelling, finding/hunting/ordering food, eliminating foods, her sacral response, recipes, and much more!

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