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Will Sasso: Actor, Comedian

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Join Ethan for one of his favorite episodes of American Glutton, with actor and comedian, Will Sasso. Ethan and Will bond over their shared experiences… from being overweight, to loose skin surgeries, to every kind of up and down one could experience in the journey of weight loss. Listen as Ethan and Will hilariously discover all their similarities and become best friends right before our eyes.

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  • American Glutton podcast

    Matt Starr: Artist, Filmmaker, Poet


    Matt Starr joins Ethan on this episode of American Glutton, for an open and honest conversation about the challenges he has faced in his own wellness journey. Ethan and Matt discuss topics such as Body Dysmorphia, healthy and unhealthy rituals, and what things they do daily to maintain control in their lives when it comes to food, and overall health.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Lisa Brounstein: Actress, Comedian


    Today on American Glutton Ethan welcomes actress and comedian, Lisa Brounstein. In 2002, Lisa appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show to discuss body positivity. She was 375lbs at the time and proclaimed that she was happy and loved herself the way she was. Since then she has lost over 200lbs and is here to share her journey and where she is today.
  • American Glutton podcast

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  • American Glutton podcast

    Luke Manley: Podcast Host


    Ethan is joined by Luke Manley, whose personal journey was chronicled on the instagram account, Humans of New York. Ethan and Luke discuss Luke’s work to stop bullying himself and make himself the brunt of jokes. Luke shares what this change has been like for him and the progress he has made
  • American Glutton podcast

    Dr. Joan Ifland on Food Addiction


    Dr. Joan Ifland is considered to be the world's leading expert in processed food addiction. Listen as she joins Ethan to discuss her work in helping people gain control over food they have been addicted to since early childhood, her thoughts on how that addiction began, and her three mottos for success.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Dr. Robert Lustig: Pediatric Endocrinologist, Author


    Dr. Robert Lustig joins Ethan on American Glutton to talk about his latest book; Metabolical: The Lure and Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition and Modern Medicine. Ethan hears Dr. Lustig’s viewpoints on a variety of topics. Listen in for this and much more
  • American Glutton podcast

    Josh Barnett: American Mixed Martial Artist


    Take a deep dive into a variety of topics with Ethan as he welcomes Josh Barnett to American Glutton. Josh and Ethan talk about not being afraid of the fact that you are not perfect, why it’s okay to be uncomfortable sometimes and how to be the strongest version of yourself. Listen in for their thoughts on subjects like these and more.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Paul Johansson: Actor, Director


    Paul Johansson visits Ethan on this episode of American Glutton to discuss his health and fitness routine and the importance of recovery in addition to going to the gym. Ethan and Paul talk about accountability partners, hitting rock bottom, and their long term goals to live healthy lives.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Anthony Lopez: Heavy to Modified


    Ethan welcomes Anthony Lopez to American Glutton, to share his transformation story. Formerly 600 pounds, Anthony hit rock bottom and felt lost and alone after his grandfather died of cancer. Anthony went down to 325 pounds and believes that anything is possible with hard work. Ethan and Anthony discuss the ins and outs of his weight loss and exercise, as well as personal responsibility and how Anthony is now helping others with his “Heavy to Modified” community.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Stavros Halkias: Comedian, Actor, Podcast Host


    Returning for a second time, actor and comedian Stavros Halkias joins Ethan on this episode of American Glutton. Ethan and Stavros talk about life on the road, being confident in your body, and whether it’s the journey or the goal that brings the most satisfaction.
  • American Glutton podcast

    Mark Bittman: NYT Best Selling Author, Food Journalist and Columnist.


    Ethan’s guest is Mark Bittman, currently Special Advisor on Food Policy at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, where he teaches and hosts a lecture series called Food, Public Health, and Social Justice. He joins Ethan today to talk about this latest book, Animal Vegetable Junk.

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