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#106 - The Great Rugger Run route for 2023 - but where will it end?

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I'm delighted to announce the route for this year's Great Rugger Run. West to East through a rugby heartland and with some hugely personal reasons for choosing this location.   Come and join me? It's all happening in August this year!   LINKS The Great Rugger Run website The Great Rugger Run on Twitter @RuggerRun The Great Rugger Run on Instagram @thegreatruggerrun The Great Rugger Run on Facebook @thegreatruggerrun   PATREON Join The Amateur Rugby Podcast Patreon community for some extra amateur rugby goodness!   PODCAST KIT Everything I use to create, edit and produce this podcast can be found on my Creating a Podcast ( page.   SUPPORT If you would like to support the podcast in some way then there are plenty of options for you on my Support the Podcast ( page.

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