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All Consuming

Noah Kalina & Adam Lisagor

Noah Kalina and Adam Lisagor try a new direct-to-consumer product every week, review it, unpack it and explore its space in our lives and its place in our culture.

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    What the hell is an NFT? And how should you feel about them? We’re going to tell you today, with the help of our artist-curator-technologist friend Justin Ouellette and a visit from Fanuel Leul, an Afrofuturist artist whose work we each acquired for our own NFT collections. Join us on the blockchain because this one is going straight to the moon.
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    Apple iPhone


    On today’s show, we’ll unbox the iPhone from Apple. This upgrade is the most advanced pro camera system ever on iPhone; Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion; A15 Bionic, and so much more. We really think you’re going to love this episode, and we can’t wait to see what you [pbbbt]
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  • All Consuming podcast

    Ice Creams


    I scream, you scream, let’s all scream because we’re so we’re all so frickin’ hungry and the world is let’s be honest kind of a scary place right now and so in order to get through this we’re gonna need a little more joy from the simple things, which is why Brave Robot and McConnell’s made dairy-free ice cream. Delicious.
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    Snack Pack 2: Snack ’em and Pack ’em


    You know when you’re between meals, and you need something to keep you going but not a donut or a steak tartare? Today, we snack…on functional cookies from Mmmly, sortasweet candy bars from Gigantic! and grain-free crackers from Ancient Provisions, and we think once you snack on this pack, you’re never goin’ back.
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    You know what they say about the unexamined life? Just, like, examine it, bro. And there’s a company called Withings that makes a line of smart devices to examine your life by way of your body. They sent us some stuff to examine our bodies so that we could have better lives, and you know what? It just might work.
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    Ramen Hero


    Do you know about the concept of honkaku? It’s authenticity and adherence to the principle of quality and truth and integrity in craftsmanship. It’s the basis of this podcast but also, it’s the core of Ramen Hero, a ramen meal kit company that ships ramen to you so you too can be honkaku. Be a ramen hero.
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    OluKai Bose


    OluKai is high-quality footwear brand with incredibly comfortable sandals and slippers, so you can live aloha on your feet. Bose Frames are surprisingly stylish sunglasses that augment your world with a layer of crisp, immersive sound. What do these two things have in common? I’m on vacation, you guys.
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    You know when you’re getting a massage and they hit that spot, and it’s like oh my god, you’re like please never stop, and you’re like if I could hit that spot myself, I’d never leave the house but you know it would present all kinds of other problems you could never have anticipated? Vertiball helps you hit that spot in a safe, non-committal way.
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    Would you strap plants to your feet if it was good for the planet, looked cool and made people admire you? Then you’ll want to look into Kengos, the plant-based shoes that are comfortable, stylish and plant-based. Lace up and take a walk with us.
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    Dad Grass


    If you’re like us, you want to get high but not too high. Back in the day, when your parents got high, weed just wasn’t as strong. Now? Cannabis is optimized to fuck your shit up. Dad Grass is an LA company that takes weed back in the day, with a low enough dose of THC you can get it in the mail. Let’s toke and be happy together.

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