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ServiceNow Series E78: Nicola Attico, Blockchain/DLT Solution Engineer – Innovation & Strategy Office at ServiceNow

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Today's guest is Nicola Attico, Blockchain/DLT Solution Engineer – Innovation & Strategy Office at ServiceNow. Based in Milan, Nicola is strongly passionate and a self-motivated individual who deeply believes in innovative technologies. He has a significant understanding of technical & business processes, blockchain & distributed ledgers, and platform-as-a-service. He also has the ability to manage in cross-cultural teams with strong ethical values, and a belief in collaboration and respect.

Nicola has excellent communication and public speaking skills, and frequently organizes and holds events, user groups and meetups while often presenting the value of technology in wider conferences. He also often publishes articles and other content on specialized magazines and online. In November 2018, he published his first book "Blockchain. Guida all'Ecosistema" ("Blockchain Ecosystem") and he published his second book "Enterprise Blockchain" in 2021.

In the episode, Nicola will talk about:

How he got into the world of ServiceNow,

His role and work within DLT and Blockchain,

How he is enabling a digital ecosystem at ServiceNow,

Use cases of how DLT and Blockchain are making an impact,

What the future holds for DLT and Blockchain, and

Why ServiceNow is only going to continue to grow

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