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ServiceNow Series E77: Paul Webb, Global ServiceNow Alliance Leader at EY

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Today’s guest is Paul Webb, Global ServiceNow Alliance Leader at EY in San Francisco. The EY–ServiceNow Alliance combines ingenuity with a leading digital workflow platform. They innovate together to deliver workflow automation that enables better connectivity across systems, drives greater resource efficiency and delivers seamless human-centric processes. They remove bottlenecks to provide easy-to-consume information where it’s needed, delivering frictionless experiences for both customers and employees.

Paul constantly inspires the practice to remain at the forefront of innovation, bringing EY’s business insights and creating new solutions that increase profits, improve productivity and deliver automation at speed. With a 30-year track record in driving technology transformation and IT innovation, Paul helps global clients reimagine the way work gets done and extract more value from technology investment. He has deep knowledge and experience across a wide range of sectors, from aerospace and defense to automotive, financial and healthcare.

In the episode, Paul will talk about:

His background and journey to EY

Building EY’s ServiceNow Alliance

Interesting projects they are working on

Manging the demand in a fast-growing market

Why to consider a career in ServiceNow

What excites him for the future of ServiceNow

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