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ServiceNow Series E76: Breanne Creelman, Director of UX/UI at Thirdera

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Today's guest is Breanne Creelman, Director of UX/UI at Thirdera. Founded in 2021, Thirdera is a global services provider that uses ServiceNow to help enterprises unlock their business and customer workflows in the cloud through digitization and automation. Thirdera brings together the power of the ServiceNow platform and its limitless potential across the world of work.

Thirdera's architects, developers, consultants, designers and project managers help their customers transform, get more from ServiceNow, and unlock hidden potential. They are ushering in the next era of transformation, digitization, automation and partner expectation, all with and at the speed of NOW.

In the episode, Bre will talk about:

How she got into the world of ServiceNow,

Her role and why UI/UX is important,

The make-up of her team at Thirdera,

Interesting case study of the problems they solved for a Healthcare client,

Generating ROI and what she learned on this project, and

New product features/acquisitions she would like to see in ServiceNow

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