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E415 Hauke Feddersen, VP of Operations at Precitaste

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Today's guest is Hauke Feddersen, VP of Operations at PreciTaste in New York. Founded in 2012, PrecitTaste are on a mission to help the Restaurant industry to maximize operational efficiency and reduce food wastage to benefit the environment. They are building the technology to augment and complement the business capabilities to achieve the desired results with predictions, smart virtual assistance, advanced IoT, tracking sensors and more.

PreciTaste has grown their technology to a adaptable set of AI Agents that can identify, track and assess processes and products in every food operation. Together with the powerful IoT and guidance platform TasteOS, that can connect or integrate into most restaurant environments, PreciTaste's AI Agents based on proprietary offline first AIOS technology have proven to make crews and processes more efficient around the globe.

In the episode, Hauke will chat about:

His background in AI & the Food Service industry,

The work they are doing at PreciTaste,

Behind-the-scenes and how it all comes together,

More potential use cases for the platform, and

What’s in store for the near future at PreciTaste

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