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E414 Rene Morkos, Founder and CEO at ALICE Technologies

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Today's guest is René Morkos, Founder and CEO at ALICE Technologies in California. Founded in 2015 based on research from Stanford University, ALICE is the world's first construction optioneering platform that helps GCs to easily create, explore and update construction schedules that reduce risk while cutting construction costs and build time. With offices in California, India and Czech Republic, it is their vision is to reduce the cost of construction by 25% globally.

René is a second generation civil engineer with over 15 years of construction industry experience that is divided between industry and academia. His professional experience includes working as a project manager in Afghanistan, underwater pipeline construction, automation engineering on a $350 million gas refinery expansion project in Abu Dhabi, ERP system implementations, and various Virtual Design and Construction projects.

In the episode, René will discuss:

Creating a generative construction simulator,

Problems they are solving within the construction industry,

The role of AI and day-to-day life behind the scenes,

An insight into the AI and Tech team,

What the near future holds for ALICE Technologies and

Why ALICE Technologies is a great place to work

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